Vegan Activist Tash Peterson Storms Louis Vuitton Store in Underwear Soaked in Menstrual Blood [VIDEO]

The social media influencer was donning just her underwear and was all soaked in her period blood, as she claimed, and moved around with a sign.

A notorious vegan activist barged into a Louis Vuitton store dripping in her own menstrual blood and wearing nothing but only her underwear. Australian Instagram influencer and vegan activist Tash Peterson, 27, who is known for pulling off strange stunts, was half undressed as she walked into the store, took a stroll and then left.

This is Peterson's first stunt in Western Australia after she moved to Melbourne, following a following a banning order stopping her from entering licensed restaurants in the area. Peterson has gained infamy for a series of public protests, often featuring provocative outfits soaked with fake blood, heckling anyone who isn't vegan.

Heckling Buyers

Tash Peterson
Tash Peterson moving inside the store soaked in menstrual blood Instagram

In her latest stunt, the vegan stormed into a Louis Vuitton store in Perth to heckle shoppers who were buying leather products including bags, jackets and belts. The social media influencer was donning just her underwear and was all soaked in her period blood, as she claimed, and moved around with a sign.

A video posted online shows Peterson's breasts exposed as she holds on to the sign reading: "If you're not vegan, you're an animal abuser." She then moved around the store with the sign and kept telling the shoppers: "Louis Vuitton is responsible for the murder of cows, sheep, goats, foxes, minks, ducks, and geese. They have blood on their hands, and so do you if you're not vegan."

She then lifted the sign above her head and started parading around the store attempting to shame shoppers for buying items featuring animal-derived materials.

"Who was murdered for your leather bag, down jacket, and woollen jumper,' she chants, as security guards attempt to usher her to the front door. If you buy animal skin, wool, fur, feather, and scales, you are paying for the most horrific animal abuse on this planet. You are contributing to an animal holocaust."

Unmoved by Her Actions

Tash peterson inside teh Louis Vuitton store
Tash Peterson inside the Louis Vuitton store Instagram

Tash Peterson

Peterson's antics made some customers laugh, while a few workers at the store tried to push her out. A security guard even tried to snatch the sign from her hand but Peterson started a tug-of-war with him in the half-naked state.

However, this is nothing new for Peterson. She is known for her strange and shocking stunts across Australia. And every time she does something like this, the social media gets divided. While some praise her, many feel her approach would be detrimental to her cause.

This has at the same time earned her a huge fan following on Instagram.

Some time back, the vegan brought a dead lamb into a packed supermarket whilst dressed as an abattoir worker covered in blood. She claimed: "This beautiful little sweet baby was found frozen to death here in Victoria."

Last month, Western Australia initially denied her entry into her home state due to her spate of high-profile protests.

In June, she was banned from every pub in WA, after she was slapped with a disorderly behavior charge for ambushing diners at a busy seafood restaurant and publicly chastising them about the "fish holocaust."