VectorMob revolutionizes the digital ecosystem – Provides Innovative and intuitive Marketing Turnkey Solutions to brands of all sizes


The exponential growth in the digital space followed by the explosion of "social media '' has led to rethinking of strategies in the leaderboard. Innovations led by faster turnaround time has led many think tanks to adopt Digital Marketing as one of their key pillars for execution.

VectorMob is the brainchild of three smart entrepreneurs Susheel Puri, Rachna Puri, and Munish Gupta who envisaged the need of a "Solutions" provider in the busy digital marketing space. The Five-year-old start-up has been scaling new heights despite the depressing times with their marketing blitzkrieg blazing through in the Entertainment, Telecom, Media, and Medical space. The Trio ring in their expertise in content, technology, and marketing to come up with a platform that suits the benefits of brands alike.

"We wanted to present an opportunity for our clients to take advantage of the various innovations and analytics provided by us in the Internet Marketing space with a clutter free and efficacy led campaigns that has yielded astounding results. The use of AI, real time and data mining techniques has enabled us to engage a wide range of audiences through relevant content marketing. This techno-marketing acumen has helped us grow exponentially despite the pandemic and economic degrowth across" commented Rachna Puri, co-founder of VectorMob.

Rachna has been one of the forerunners in the country having started her digital foray way back in 2006, confounding a Value Added Services provider company which had stormed the market with revolutionary, intuitive, and innovative services. Despite Digital VAS being in its nascent stage, her company had the vision in investing in future and within a short time went on to become one of the preferred partners in various Telecom and Content space.

Confounding VectorMob was a culmination of her dreams and aspirations along with the synergies of the other founder members who had the same passion in venturing into the real world. The idea was to focus not only on the bigger brands but also many startups who needed direction and guidance to build their own in this cluttered space. The success stories ranged from healthcare to real estate to media houses to larger FMCG brands thereby giving a thorough perspective of various segmentation and target of the market with macro and micro based strategies that "fitted" into the scheme of things.

"The convergence of media has helped to shrink the consumer marketplace leading to a window of opportunities for advertisers to connect directly with their target audience. Our experience in Telecom Marketing, push based strategies has enabled our partners to reach out to their target segment with higher efficacy rates and pin-point accuracy. The results have been amazing, leading to our team managing multiple campaigns even during the lockdown period", added Rachna who herself has managed the Telco space for over two decades.

VectorMob has worked with more than 50 leading brands, 120 publishers across the digital advertising space and are connected to more than 30 Telecom Operators worldwide leaving behind a vast network of digital footprint that helps them with the dissemination of "right data to for the right people".

Some of the leading brands like Airtel, Times, Zimmer, NDTV have worked with VectorMob for their push Marketing services followed by entertainment houses like Balaji, Zee studios and Panorama films to leverage their innovative digital competence.

"The wacky and effervescent call center in the Bollywood movie Dreamgirl used our expertise in IVR and chatbot campaigns which was followed by the hugely successful mass influencer campaign for "Suraj Pe Mangal Bhari" by bringing together the entire wedding Industry", commented Susheel Puri who takes care of the Operations and has built a young and energetic internet savvy team that ideates, designs and executes various campaigns that needs to run across various platforms.

Munish Gupta is the tech wizard and communication expert with over a decade stint in the networking industry. He ensures that the robust platform works with the highest levels of efficacy and charts the future technological advancements that VectorMob is ready to explode with in 2021.

"We are working on two ambitious projects which will set benchmarks globally. A Video broadcasting A2P platform which can be used for micro targeting ads towards various segments and a VR based Live Virtual Concert platform which will enable artists to interact directly with their fans and followers", sounded Munish emphatically.

Technology has catapulted development to the next level. The change in the rural landscape is gradually picking up pace. Smartphone penetration, social media powered by the Internet bubble has slowly ensured the urban-rural gap is being bridged. Accessibility is no longer a privilege but a right for Digital India. The Pandemic has ensured transformation of lives and the way we do business. VectorMob as an enabler is all set to mobilize the future of the entrepreneurs as well as other brands to work on micro projects to ensure faster, customized, and cheaper delivery of solutions.

"We are living in the unknown currently, hope is what is keeping us alive in this Universe and faith is making us move forward. Let us strive to build a better tomorrow and keep doing the best in whatever we are doing. This is the Mantra for all VectorMobians" said Susheel signing off with these philosophical words.
VectorMob is currently headquartered in Mumbai with their R&D team located in Mohali.