Van Full of Biden Ballots in Nevada, Statistical Proof of Fraud in Wisconsin: Trump Legal Team

It has been nearly five days since the voting for the 2020 US presidential election closed. In the days after the election, the Trump campaign has been filing lawsuits in battleground states where the race was extremely close.

Trump's legal team in Nevada beefed up its legal challenge to mail-in ballot signature verification in the state with shocking claims of voter and ballot fraud. These are some of the staggering claims according to the Washington Examiner: Dead voters, votes from thousands who no longer live in Nevada, and a van marked "Biden-Harris" full of opened mail-in ballots.

Donald Trump and Joe Biden
Donald Trump and Joe Biden. Twitter

Former Nevada Attorney General Adam Laxalt, who is helping Trump's legal team in the state, detailed complaints that the campaign has with mail-in ballot signature verification in Clark County, Nevada, which accounts for the vast majority of voters in the state. "We were told that signature verification will save all chances of fraud," Laxalt said in front of a crowd of Trump protesters on Sunday.

The lawsuit sought injunctive relief directing poll workers to manually check all the ballot signatures and to allow for meaningful access to ballot counting. Laxalt identified several complaints about the more than 600,000 mail-in votes which were cast in Nevada. Laxalt said about 200,000 of those were verified through a machine, and never manually.

Emergency Request

However, a Nevada district court judge on Friday denied the emergency request. The judge blocked a Trump campaign attempt to stop the use of machines that validated voter signatures on mail-in ballots.

Judge James Gordon said that he didn't think the plaintiffs came to the court with "sufficient evidence to get what is required of the extraordinary relief of an injunction" that would get him to "dictate how Clark County should do their job."

Statistical Anomalies

Apart from this, one of the members of Trump's re-election team spoke about the statistical anomalies like 90 percent voter turnout in Wisconsin and late-night vote spikes for Biden in several states.

One member of President Trump's re-election team, who spoke with the Washington Examiner on the condition of anonymity, said that ballot data in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, indicates illegal activity by Democrats in the city.

The member alleged that the distribution of those ballots in favor of President-elect Joe Biden violates Benford's Law, which is an analytical framework used by statisticians when observing a set of randomized data points. It is often used by election analysts, both in the US and abroad, to catch voter fraud or other sorts of improprieties in elections.

The Trump campaign has stated that it plans to move forward with a formal demand of an initial canvass of the state, a process short of a recount that certifies the results of an election and inspects ballots for various discrepancies.

"There were some serious irregularities on election day that we are looking into. We've already announced that we're going to seek a statewide recount in Wisconsin, and we plan to do so. We expect that the canvass, the initial canvass will be done Monday or Tuesday. And then that process will begin," Trump deputy campaign manager Justin Clark said.

However, recounts hardly result in the overturning of tens of thousands of ballots as the Trump campaign hopes to see in Wisconsin and other states. Former Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, a Republican and informal adviser to the Trump campaign, had previously tweeted that he remains doubtful that Trump could end up carrying the state.

"After a recount in 2011 race for WI Supreme Court, there was a swing of 300 votes. After a recount in 2016 Presidential race in WI, @realDonaldTrump numbers went up by 131," he had tweeted.

Trump has given no indication of whether he's preparing to concede. While first lady Melania Trump and Jared Kushner, the President's son-in-law and senior adviser, have advised him to concede defeat, Trump, supported by his two adult sons, Donald Jr. and Eric, continue to reject the election results.

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