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Valyou Furniture

Moving to a new place could be a hassle, especially if one has chosen a loft as the next abode. However, the task of a loft's interior design and furnishing could turn into fun if the prospective owner or renter chooses Valyou Furniture's new Foundry collection as the one-and-only source.

Such premises' interiors call for a different approach and aesthetics to account for and bring out the rugged beauty of brick walls, high ceilings, concrete surfaces, and details. Exposed brick, primitive-looking industrial lightning, weathered wood features all need to be in harmony with a special kind of furnishings. The company has recently added industrial-style furniture to its broad array of already well-reputed and much-loved collections. Valyou's founder and co-owner, Shaul Rappoport, takes pride in the launch of The Foundry brand. "Foundry is actually a very big thing for me," says Shaul. "The first condo I ever furnished was a loft in Downtown Las Vegas which had concrete walls, exposed ceiling, etc. This is where I fell in love with industrial interiors and why I chose to furnish the condo with all vintage industrial pieces. And it's like somehow a closure to finally have a brand like Foundry out there in the world."

The Foundry will help furnish all parts of a loft's space from the living room to storage, from the office to bedroom and the dining area. To assist in the demanding task of furnishing the whole span of a 2,000-3,000 sq feet loft, Valyou offers on demand an interior designer. Now that many of us have turned our homes into offices due to the pandemic, the loft's office area calls for special attention. Foundry has a lot to offer in this department to make the office as livable and warm as the living room yet in tune with the loft theme. The Bernz desk made of steel and mesh elements looks laconic and businesslike. An Imbrie Cabinet with a drawer covered in leather will be a warm company for the steel desk, while a Hadley Chair with an ottoman will be your refuge during a respite in office hours and after. Put a Hargrave bookcase as a backdrop made of steel plate and able to carry the weight of the heaviest books, and you may call it a day. Your loft office's furnishing project is over.

Artfully blending modern style with vintage references, Foundry turns industrial space into a stylish, one-of-a-kind home attesting to the owner's taste and status. To learn more about Foundry industrial furniture collection from Valyou Furniture, go to their website and bravely embark on your next loft design project