The Valentine special song "Murder", produced by Ashwin Golani, has made a special place in listener's hearts

Ashwin Golani

Among the many things that are known to give a human being his peace and sense of joy, music is something that can do things that can be inexplicable, and beyond words, such is its power. There are umpteen numbers of individuals in this world who live by music as they believe music is their world or the epicentre around which their life revolves. Music can indeed change the perspective of individuals, and, for some, it could be their reason to live. Though there are numerous musical artists, producers and directors who make sure to enthral audiences with their pieces and tones, there are a few whose passion radiates through what they create. Ashwin Golani's passion for music too radiates through each of the songs that he has produced so far, but one song, particularly "Murder", has been one of the top choices of listeners and music lovers from recent times.

The title "Murder" initially intrigued people, and after they listened to the track, they were spellbound and fell in love with it instantly. "This is what we were aiming at," says the producer Ashwin Golani. He further adds that they wanted a title that could hold on to people's attention, but they also made sure to soothe the listener's ears with music and vocals so soothing and smooth that it could only make them feel compelled to listen to it more. He is elated by the response the song has been garnering since the time it was released last year.

"The fact that people are still loving the track and finding it relatable and even enjoying it, making it a part of their favourite song list makes me overwhelmed and content that we could create something that people loved listening to," says Ashwin Golani. Last year on Valentine's, it was released as a Valentine's Special, and the vocals by Rameet completely bowled over audiences.

Interestingly, Rameet is the one who also wrote the lyrics, composed, mixed, mastered and edited the song. The charming presence of Janvi as the female lead and the top-notch direction by Renny also made a great visual impact on the audience. Ashwin Golani, the song's producer, is astonished by the love the song has constantly been receiving.

"Murder" is available on Spotify, JioSaavn and YouTube.