Valentin Bourquin's tips for starting a concierge service from scratch

Valentin Bourquin

On January 2021, Valentin Bourquin created his company "VR Conciergerie", a private concierge service with access between Paris, the French Riviera, and Dubai. At first glance, Valentin Bourquin looks like a young student, but he has actually just started his own business.

Valentin is the holder of a baccalaureate in business, but he prefers "to discover working life." According to Valentin, there is no need to have a bachelor's degree to be a salesman. He started out by declaring himself a self-employed real estate entrepreneur and worked for a franchisee.

His sales techniques? "Smile and answer correctly to the customer's request. "Everything started from the idea of his father Gilles Bourquin, a famous French entrepreneur. Valentin knew how to sublimate this idea and give it life with hard work and time. From the rental of luxury cars to the rental of private jets, yachts, or villas through close protection services, Valentin meets the demand in an extensive range.

He can afford to offer so many services thanks to a very large contact list created over several years. As for advertising, even if Valentin uses current techniques such as social networks, "the best is still through word of mouth!"