'V.I.P.' actor Lee Jong Suk clarifies his criticism of YG Entertainment

Says his comments were misunderstood as an attack on the agency.

Lee Jong Suk
Actor Lee Jong-suk. instagram.com/jongsuk0206

South Korean actor Lee Jong-suk, who stars in the upcoming political thriller movie 'V.I.P.,' has apologised for criticising YG Entertainment as being responsible in delaying his fan meeting in Seoul, before he enlists in the military.

As noted by website Soompi, while sitting down for an interview on July 21 about his upcoming movie, Lee Jong-suk addressed the controversy surrounding his blaming YG Entertainment for the delay of his Seoul fan meeting.

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The actor said, "YG is a good company. It's a good company, but I unintentionally got into a sticky situation. Since there were company opinions about the fan meeting I thought 'it could get delayed and it could get pushed back,' so I wanted to let [fans] know but I think I got the wording wrong." He then laughed and added, "Since there is fan meeting work done by external parties, other teams are uncomfortable around me. It's hard to making a living."

The actor also explained how social media often escalates things, saying, "When doing social media, fans are in zeroth place (before first place). There's a lot of people who say social media is unnecessary and frivolous, so I don't write comments often because I know there'll be an article if I write. The goal of using social media is 'Telling fans I did today'!"

Lee Jong-suk also said his comments were misinterpreted as a direct criticism of YG Entertainment. "As for the fan meeting, it's a non-verbal promise I made with fans. I've done one every year around the same time and date. Since it could have gotten cancelled or delayed, I explained a bit more. I didn't imagine that it would be interpreted as an attack," the actor said.

The actor had taken to his Instagram on August 11 to address the delay in setting a date for his Seoul fan meet. As noted by Allkpop, he had said, "I felt there were a lot of fans anxiously waiting for the fan meeting TT.. so [let me explain] briefly.. You see, we were in the process of coordinating a fan meeting and.. At YG, each team is very confident and proud, but they lack efficient communication skills.. ."

He had continued, "There was a differing opinion with the stage production team and we ate up quite some time hiring an outside source for stage production, so it may be that [the fan meeting] may not happen this year.. (tears) I'm sorry for making you wait. I will notify you as fast as possible!" On August 17, as noted by website Allkpop, it was announced that Lee Jong-suk's fan meeting will happen in September 10. The event will be held at 4 p.m. KST in Seoul's Olympic Hall.

The actor received mandatory military enlistment summons on August 10 but decided to delay his enlistment to promote his movie 'V.I.P.' and his upcoming drama 'While You Were Sleeping,' co-starring Suzy Bae. His movie 'V.I.P' releases in South Korean cinemas on August 23.

This article was first published on August 22, 2017