UV Lamp That Kills Coronavirus Without Causing Any Harm to Humans Launched

The company stated that at 222 nanometers the UV rays are efficient to kill the deadly novel but cannot damage the humans' eyes or skin that might result in cancer

A Japansese lamp maker has launched an ultraviolet product that it claims can kill the coronavirus or COVID-19 without harming humabns. Ushio said that the 'Care 222' UV lamp, developed with the Columbia University can be used to disinfect enclosed spaces where people come and go, like the public transport and offices by using a wavelength of 222 nanometers.

The company stated that at 222 nanometers the UV rays are efficient to kill the virus but cannot damage the humans eyes or skin that might result in cancer. If it is attached to the ceiling it can eliminate 99 percent of any virus ir bacteria. The lamp can also eliminated vbiruses over an area of up to a three-square meter on surfaces around two and a half meters away, asper reports.

UV Lamp Kills COVID-19

Wuhan Coronavirus
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A study by the Hiroshima University discovered that when placed 24 cm away from a sample of the virus, the Care 222 is efficient in killing at least 99.7 percent of the novel coronavirus. A study conducted in June by Columbia University found that over 99.9 percent of the seasonal coronaviruses present in airborne droplets got killed when exposed for around 25 minutes.

"Based on our results, continuous airborne disinfection with far-UVC light at the current regulatory limit could greatly reduce the level of airborne virus in indoor environments occupied by people," the study's lead author David Brenner, Higgins Professor of Radiation Biophysics at the Columbia University Vagelos College of Physicians and Surgeonssaid.

Ushio dtyated that the lamp is getting sold for $2,868. Ther company claimed that it is accepting orders from medical institutions but has plans of increasing sales to other areas once production matches demand. The lamp was included in Fortune's annual Change the World list. "If there is an unsung hero in the global fight against COVID-19—and deadly pathogens, generally—it may be ultraviolet light," Fortune wrote in the entry list.

The deadly virus outbreak has created a major stir around the world in recent times infecting more than 31.3 million people globally and claimed the lives of over 965,000 people worldwide in more than 170 countries.

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