Just a day after Usain Bolt's sister declared his girlfriend's name, the Jamaican Olympic sprinter was photographed in bed with Rio gangster's widow, Jady Duarte after a wild birthday celebration.

The Olympic gold medalist cheated on his girlfriend, Kasi Bennett, with Duarte, widow of a notorious Brazilian gang member Douglas Donato Pereira. The incident came to light after the 20-year-old shared intimate pictures from their night together via WhatsApp.

Duarte, a student from Rio shared pictures on the popular messaging application, which shows her wearing a white top while being embraced by a bare-chested Bolt. In another picture, Bolt seems to give Duarte a kiss on the cheek while she looks into the camera.

When asked about those pictures, Duarte confessed that she didn't realise who the athlete was at first. She told Perez Hilton: "He sent a security guard to call me over. We spoke quickly. But at that moment I didn't know it was him, because there were many Jamaicans who looked similar."

"It was not a big deal. It was normal. I'd rather not talk about it - in order not to complicate matters. Like I said, it was normal," Duarte added.

But this entire incident has left Bolt's girlfriend, Bennett, in an uncomfortable and embarrassed state. She said: "It's very negative. I never wanted to be famous, I'm dying of shame."

However, all these rumors have raised questions about Bolt's fidelity especially considering the 30-year-old refers to his longtime love as the "First Lady" to his "President" in one of his Instagram pictures.

In an interview with The Sun, Bolt's sister, Christine described the pair as "perfect" for each other and said she expects them two to tie the knot once Bolt is back.

"I've met her and she's lovely. I would say that there's a very strong possibility they'll get engaged when he comes home," Christine Bolt-Hylton told the tabloid.

On Sunday, Kasi posted a cryptic message on Twitter and deleted her account. The message read: "Doing something I'm pretty sure I've made fun of people for doing... But here goes: I'm tapped out. Logging off."