Is Donald Trump USA's First Socialist President? Leading Analyst Thinks So

Celebrated author and risk analyst Nassim Taleb believes there would be wide-ranging changes in the way world functions, due to COVID-19.

The impact of Coronavirus or COVID-19 pandemic has shaken the entire world. It has changed everything from the nature of daily chores to the way multinational corporations work. However, one leading risk analyst believes that the effects of the pandemic can go much deeper and change the fundamental nature of society and governments.

Nassim Taleb, author of famous books such as 'The Black Swan' and 'Skin in the Game,' says the Coronavirus crisis could change the politico-economic make-up of the United States of America completely. According to him, the country regarded as the global center of the Capitalist system could end up becoming something akin to a Socialist state.

Is USA on way to becoming more socialist? Lars Di Scenza / Wikipedia Commons

"Mark my words, if you want a headline done (it is): 'Who would have expected COVID to run both domestic and foreign policy?', 'COVID to bring socialism to countries like the United States," Taleb said in an interview given to Russia Today.

In fact, the renowned author went one step further and made a comment that was even more provocative. "Who would have expected Donald Trump to be the first socialist President of United States?" To back up this incredible claim, Taleb mentioned the universal basic income provided to citizens of US by President Trump, as well as the government's help to companies. "If that is not socialism, what is?" Taleb asked.

Nassim Taleb
Nassim Taleb is a celebrated author of books like 'The Black Swan' Twitter

In the full interview which was around 25-minute long, the celebrated risk analyst went deep into the analysis of the change world would witness with the experience of COVID-19. He compared the present-day world with medieval times and how a virus like Corona can spread much quicker today. This, according to him, will force people to change ways of doing things.

There would be a decrease in business-related travel and globalization's force would be moderated, according to the Lebanese-American intellectual. He also made a semi-philosophical observation about how people have realized that a tiny virus "which can fit on the tip of a pencil" is far more dangerous than men with guns. This, hopefully, he believes, will lead to a more peaceful world.

Taleb also let it rip at the World Health Organisation. He uninhibitedly criticized the mishandling of the pandemic by WHO and called it the "most incompetent organization." This attack on the UN body was part of a wider analysis of how smaller organisations are more efficient and well-managed than large behemoths of bureaucracy. This will be another big lesson from the crisis.

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