US Warships Swarmed by Chinese Drones More Than 150 Times in the Last 5 Years - Report

US warships were bombarded more than 100 times by Chinese drones in the past five years, according to documents released following a Freedom of Information Act request. As many as 151 drone surveillance incidents were reported over the US Navy's Pacific fleet during that period.

The request filed from the WarZone also revealed that a drone landed on the deck of a US ship in Hong Kong. The documents clearly indicate that American fleets were plagued by unidentified drones.

The U.S. Navy aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson
Representative image Wikimedia Commons /US Navy

Chinese Drones Surrounded US Warship

The documents also revealed that a Chinese national was arrested after he flew a drone in Pearl Harbor and some more drones were also snooping around a nuclear stockpile.

In all, there were about 35 reports of incidents stretching back to 2017, with the Navy withholding information on 116 more reports because they contained classified information.

Chinese National Was Arrested For Flying Drone In Pearl Harbor

The reports underscore that drone encounters have become commonplace and that some of them may, in fact, be efforts by adversaries or potential adversaries to spy on, surveil, or otherwise harass American forces at home and abroad, said the WarZone, according to Daily Mail.

USS Paul Hamilton Was Swarmed By A Series of Drones

The unsealed documents also revealed that the USS Paul Hamilton was swarmed by a series of drones in 2019. On July 30 and 31, the drones swarmed the ship's crew and the aircraft were flashing a searchlight on the vessel.

Navy Withholding Information On 116 More Reports

The documents also revealed that the officials took the man into custody for flying a small drone in Rainbow Bay Marina on the Hawaiian island of Oahu.

"The drone operator... stated that he had just finished visiting the [USS] Arizona Memorial and decided to test out his new drone... [by taking] a view of the sailboats in Rainbow Bay Marina,' read the report, according to Mail.

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