US soldier in Iraq averts burglary at his home in Illionois with Home Security camera app

  • A soldier in Iraq saw a burglary going down at his home in Illinois though the door security camera and informed the police on Friday

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There is a debate going on about the security and privacy issues related to security cameras which are supposed to protect as well as alert residents about any kind of safety issues. But apart from the vulnerabilities found in security camera services such as Amazon's Ring cameras, a soldier in Iraq prevented a crime using the security camera app.

The American soldier in Iraq noticed a burglary going on at his home in Illinois through the door security camera and then called the police, who arrested the suspected criminals at the spot on Friday night.

Security camera helped the soldier

The soldier, Richard Wharton, saw a burglary going down at his home at Illinois in the Chicago suburb of Park Ridge. As soon as he noticed the alleged criminal with a doorbell camera app on his smartphone, he called the police.

Park Ridge Deputy Police Chief Tom Gadomski told WGN-TV that they were alerted to the case at around 2.30 in the morning and "he just happened to have the alert and watched them and connected great with us."

Soon after receiving the report about security breach from the soldier, the officers at the area found the offender and took them under custody. These alleged criminals were accused of entering Wharton's garage and stealing power tools

However, police identified two of the offenders as 23-year-old Andres Gutierrez and 24-year-old Brandon Shaw. AS per the reports these men were charged with three counts of burglary.

Security camera market

It should be mentioned that early reports have revealed vulnerabilities in security cameras. Earlier the American multinational technology company Amazon and its Ring home security camera have been sued by an Alabama homeowner who said the camera's defective design leaves the buyers vulnerable to hacking.

Reports claimed that it seems the personal data of the security camera customers goes to four main recipients, which are Branch, ApplsFlyer, MixPanel and Facebook. It should be mentioned that according to the experts, the data recipients combine the information with data they collect from other sources, such as collecting information in-house or trade details from other third parties, to build a digital look-alike profile for any given user.

However, it looks like the security camera market is boosting and several companies are now introducing their products with new features. From HD-quality video, night vision to motion detection, compatibility with smart assistants and more, the options are aplenty.

Recently it was reported that now Arlo Pro 3 security cameras will support Apple's HomeKit smart home platform that lets the user manage their gadgets through the Home app on your iOS device. If any user wants to use the Pro 3 with HomeKit, they will need to have it connected to an Arlo SmartHub base station version VMB4540.

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