US Prisoner Serving 70 Years Hosts TikTok Cooking Show From his Cell, Gets Million Plus Likes

The California prisoner, who is allowed only to use pre-packaged foods inside the jail, cooks burritos, tacos, quesadillas, rice bowls, stir fry and burgers.

Jeron Combs
US prison inmate Jeron Combs runs TikTok cookery show from his cell. TikTok videograb

Jeorn Combs, a US inmate jailed for 70 years has started his own cooking show on TikTok from his prison cell. He uses the metal bed, hot plate and broken oven for his show. Combs, who hails from Paramount, California, was convicted of first-degree murder when he was 18 years old. His TikTok cooking tutorials on @blockboyjmomey are quite popular and he has got 1.3 million likes on his videos.

Speaking to Daily Mail Combs, 31, said he broke the hot pot and took out the plate and used the metal from the bunk to cook. After plugging in the hot plate into a socket, he places the plate under the metal bed and uses the surface to grill.

From Burritos to Tacos to Burgers...

He is allowed only to use pre-packaged foods and makes meals out of it. He has cooked burritos, tacos, quesadillas, rice bowls, stir fry, burgers, tostadas and bacon so far in his makeshift kitchen. Burritos are said to be his favorite and he prepares it quite often. The idea of starting a cookery show came up after he tried preparing his own meals. He said that the food offered inside the jail canteen disappointed him. He also said that he learned to cook inside the jail where he has spent 13 years so far.

Self cooking is better than what he gets at the jail, he said. He can order packaged food from canteen and prepare his own food instead, he said. He also reportedly prepares food for his cellmate and some friends inside the jail.

Though it is difficult to get all ingredients needed to prepare a meal, he takes the help of other inmates to collect the necessary ingredients and plans well before preparing meals.

He told the Daily Mail that he never expected to get millions of views for his TiikTok video. He also said that he was happy that he can educate people about life inside prison. "I don't want people to look down on us. Some people think that it's all about violence and what they hear or see on TV, but it's so much more to what people don't see," he said.