Biden vs Trump
Wikimedia Commons

After conducting campaigns amid the rising number of coronavirus or COVID-19 cases in the US, the polls have begun to close in the US. With Donald Trump fighting to get re-elected as the President, the Democrat challenger Joe Biden will be hopeful to register a victory. This year's fight is one of the most awaited elections in recent times and it will be interesting to see who wins in the race to the White House.

23 day 16:21

Joe Biden emerges victorious in Arizona becoming the second Democratic presidential candidate to win the Republican stronghold.

23 day 15:35

"We are going to the US Supreme Court to stop all vote counting," Trump said.

23 day 15:31

"We were winning everything. And all of a sudden it was called off," Trump said while addressing the nation

24 day 13:21

Joe Biden wins Minnesota and the 10 electoral votes that Hillary Clinton won in 2016

24 day 12:57

Sarah McBridge wins the State Senate Race of Delaware, which made her the first openly transgender person to get elected to the position countrywide

24 day 12:14

President Donald Trump wins Utah, where he was victorious also in 2016

24 day 12:10

Trump wins Idaho whereas Biden registers victory in California, Oregon and Washington state

24 day 12:07

Joe Biden registers victory in New Hampshire, which is a state that Trump narrowly lost in 2016