US President Donald Trump invites Coast Guard members to play golf at his own club

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Donald Trump

Donald Trump, the US President has invited US Coast Guard service members to play golf at his private club in Florida, where he practices his favourite sport daily during the Christmas vacation.

Media coverage of the Trump family vacation on 29 December, Friday reported this invitation to the Coast Guard, whose personnel keep an offshore watch on the president's Mar-a-Lago social club in Palm Beach, an island in South Florida joined to the mainland by a number of bridges.

The invitation was made to Coast Guard members in general, and to those at its Lake Worth Inlet base near Mar-a-Lago in particular.

According to a White House report, some 60 Coast Guard members confirmed their participation in a tourney of teams with four players each, organized for the occasion at the Trump International Golf Course in West Palm Beach, with a lunch also included in the invitation, Efe news reported.

"These brave men and women patrol the waterways near Palm Beach and Mar-a-Lago every day. The President wanted to thank these service members personally for their service to this nation," Deputy White House Press Secretary Hogan Gidley said in a statement.

Trump arrived in Palm Beach last 22 December and is expected to return to Washington on 1 January 2018.

He generally spends the mornings playing golf, being a great fan of the sport.

According to a website created solely to keep track of the time Trump spends playing golf,, he has visited golf courses 85 days and has played 40 times since he became President last January 20.

For those 85 visits -- about a third of his time in office -- estimates say that taxpayers contributed around $42 million.