US Military Plane Crashes in California; Was Osprey Aircraft With Poor Safety Record Carrying Radioactive Material?

A US military aircraft crashed in Imperial County, California, on Wednesday killing four people on board. It is said that the aircraft was carrying radioactive material as was intercepted in a radio message. However, the Naval Air Station authorities have denied the reports stating that the aircraft, MV-22B Osprey, was on a routine training mission.

Social media is abuzz with speculations over the "presence of nuclear material" in the crashed plane. The followers are pondering over the "kind" of nuclear material that was present on the aircraft. While others believe that the crash could have been disastrous, had the radioactive material blown off.

MV-22B Osprey

Authorities Unsympathetic Towards Loss of Lives in Aircraft Crashes

A faction of social media followers has also questioned the efficacy of the Osprey adding that there have been numerous crashes in past few years. They expressed resentment over the attitude of the defense authorities terming them to be unsympathetic towards the lives lost in the aircraft crashes and towards the taxpayers money.

According to a report published by New York Post, the Imperial County Sheriff's Office said the incident occurred near Highway 78 and Coachella Canal Road at about 12:25 p.m. local time. Out of the five people on the aircraft, four are dead. The further stated that this is the second military aircraft that has crashed in California in a week as a Navy pilot died on Friday during a training mission.

A spokesperson for the Marine Corps Air Station Yuma said that there was no nuclear material on Wednesday's downed Osprey, refuting reports circulating on social media.

A Twitter user shared his thoughts adding, "US fighter jet crashed in California and pilot was killed. This is fourth such crash in recent years. Plane cost was USD 70 ml and considered a latest combat aircraft by US Navy! US fighter jet crashes, pilot killed."

Another user wrote, "A USMC MV-22B Osprey has crashed in California's Imperial County killing Four Marines who were on board, according to reports This is 2nd Osprey crash in 3 months And Crashing saga of US aircrafts continues Something is wrong."

"Status of 5 Marines Unknown Following MV-22B Osprey Crash in Southern California - USNI News These keep crashing and our airman keep getting killed, and taxpayers are out ~$60 billion each," read a tweet.