US Military Aircraft Crashes in Norway During NATO Cold Response Training; Foul Play by Russians Ruled Out

In a tragic incident, a US Military aircraft Marine Corps MV-22B Osprey crashed in Arctic Norway, killing four crew members on board. The incident occurred during the NATO cold response training exercise which is carried out near the Arctic once in two years.

According to the reports carried in a cross section of media, the MV-22B Osprey aircraft was reported missing at 6.26 PM on March 18. Soon after, a rescue helicopter and a Norwegian military Orion plane commenced the search operations in the area and spotted a wreckage at around 8.17 PM.

No Sign Of Life Found in the Wreckage

Unfortunately, despite trying their best the officials have maintained that despite all their efforts the Nordland police were unable to find any mortal remains in the wreckage.

While speaking to the Reuters, Nordland Police chief of staff Bent Eilertsen categorically stated, "'We've discovered an aircraft that has crashed. We've seen no sign of life." He also confirmed that the aircraft was carrying four Americans

It is noteworthy that amid the ongoing invasion of Ukraine by Russia and NATO's support to the latter, there was a theory of Russian army playing foul in this crash. However, NATO in a statement as reported in the Daily Mail has denied any such happening clearly stating that the training exercise was scheduled eight months in advance and was in no way unrelated to the tension between NATO and Russia.

The reason cited behind the tragic incident is the bad weather conditions.

Meanwhile, US Marine Corps gave a confirmation on the unfortunate incident adding that the incident was being investigated.

At the same time, a few comments on social media have held the US government responsible questioning the efficacy of the "crashed aircraft".

A twitter user wrote, "Another Osprey crash haunts us again, "The Flying Coffin" strikes once more, the worst military aircraft in the USA!

"US military tries not to crash their outrageously expensive aircraft challenge: impossible" stated another Twitter user.