US may have more COVID-19 cases compared to official stats; Chinese politician raises question

  • US may have more Coronavirus cases than recorded

  • CDC director Robert Redfield recently testified before the House Committee

  • Robert Redfield revealed some influenza patients later tested positive for Novel Coronavirus

The deadly Novel Coronavirus is spreading like wildfire across the US and has infected 2,951 people while claiming the lives of over 50, as per the latest reports. But there are increasing signs of flaws and loopholes in the efforts made to collect information about the people infected with the virus.

A Chinese politician, Zhao Lijian who is the current deputy director of the Foreign Ministry Information Department asked in a tweet, "Please tell us how many are related to COVID-19?"- addressing the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) director Robert Redfield, who recently testified before the House Committee and revealed the truth behind the US Novel Coronavirus cases.

CDC director on Coronavirus outbreak

Coronavirus outbreak (Representational image) Xinhua/IANS

On Wednesday, March 12, CDC director Robert Redfield acknowledged that some flu patients may have been misdiagnosed and actually had coronavirus. During the testimony, he was asked whether without test kits it is possible that those who had been diagnosed as influenza patients might have been suffering from COVID-19.

In response, CDC director stated that "The standard practice is the first thing we do tests for influenza." Then Robert Redfield was asked whether it is possible that the US could have people dying for what appears to be influenza but in reality, those are Coronavirus cases and he responded by saying, "Some cases have been diagnosed in the US."

His comments made US citizens more worried about the actual pandemic situation. As per the reports, it should be noted that the Department of Health & Human Services staffers often weren't informed about coronavirus developments because they didn't have the required clearances, a source revealed while also mentioning that he was told the matters regarding the COVID-19 were classified "because it had to do with China," reported Reuters.

The Global Times reported that as per Shen Yi, international relations expert from Fudan University in Shanghai, US always claim that they value human rights and "Constantly requires other countries to share such information with it, and has launched baseless accusations against China, accusing China of hiding data on the virus. As the COVID-19 outbreak is occurring on its own soil, it is trying to keep others in the dark. What a strong proof of US hypocrisy."

Actual number of COVID-19 cases

The Chinese politician who shared a video of Robert Redfield's testimony on Twitter urged the US authority to reveal the truth. In his tweet, the Chinese official stated, "Some #influenza deaths were actually infected with #COVID-19, Robert Redfield from US #CDC admitted at the House of Representatives. US reported 34 million cases of influenza and 20,000 deaths. Please tell us how many are related to COVID-19?"

It should be mentioned that China was previously criticized for covering up the death toll of the COVID-19 outbreak. Later, when the Chinese authority started putting up the data on bio-archive in January and February, the researchers found their direction to start developing a vaccine for the outbreak.

However, it should be mentioned that earlier it was reported that CDC has failed to release crucial information about COVID-19 which could help save the lives of Americans diagnosed with the new Coronavirus. The federal agency which communicates with physicians about how to handle outbreaks has shared detailed clinical information about only one patient, while they have records of several US patients who have recovered from the new Coronavirus.

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