US Will Lose War With China; Simulation Shows PLA Defeating American Forces in Merely a Week Over Taiwan Conflict

The US will lose a war with China in a week over Taiwan, warned an expert after analyzing a simulation. Oriana Skyler Mastro, China expert and strategic planner at US Air Force Reserve, pointed out that all simulations have shown the US facing defeat in a war with China over Taiwan.

She stated that the war could start with Beijing firing numerous missiles continuously at their selective targets in the region.

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China Could Disable Okinawa Base In Hours

The assault takes out the only effective air base in the region and ends a week later with Chinese forces securely on Taiwan in a war the US could "absolutely" lose. An attack on Kadena, on the Japanese island of Okinawa, could see the base disabled "in hours" with "60 percent of the aircraft" lost, explained Skyler Mastro, according to The Sun.

Further, she elaborated that afterward, Beijing will launch a direct missile attack against Taiwan to collapse its air defenses And it will be supported by an amphibious assault.

China Will Target Politicians of Taiwan

The expert also underlined that Beijing will not spare the politicians of Taiwan. They would launch an attack on their selective political targets of Taiwan to make the country weak on a decisive front.

China Will Launch Cyberattack

When the United States moves to defend Taiwan then China will begin cyberattacks in a bid to disable communications, particularly satellites, and the timeframe for this first phase if everything goes according to plan, everything I've just laid out would probably be three days, she told The Sun.

Here's How US Can Defeat China

Mastro also introduced a plan for the US to be superior on the battleground. Delaying Chinese forces from landing in Taiwan for more than two weeks could be a game-changing plan for the US, she argued as then the full might of the US Pacific forces will come into play, which China can't defeat.

Mastro went on to say that if Chinese forces get their boots on the ground in Taiwan, it will take them a week to claim victory over Taiwan.