US Elections: Google Search for 'Liquor Stores Near Me' Hits Record High As Anxiety Hits New High

According to Google Trends, the maximum number of searches for liquor stores emerged from Delaware, while the least was from Hawaii

With the very fate of the nation hanging in the balance, Americans seem to be turning to liquor for some much-needed lifting of spirits. According to Google Trends, the search for 'liquor store near me' reached an all-time high on 3 November as the results of the US Presidential Elections 2020 poured in.

According to the findings announced by Google Trends on social media, there has been a sudden upward swing in the search for liquor stores. It is likely that the reliance on booze was due to the jitters brought on by the neck-and-neck race with the numbers that both the presidential candidates—Joe Biden and President Donald Trump—had secured.

Liquor Stores
Liquor Stores (Representational Picture) Wikimedia Commons

Beer With Fries?

The maximum number of searches for liquor stores emerged from Delaware and was followed by Maryland, Tennessee, and Georgia respectively, according to the tweet by Google Trends. If the search results were indeed a reflection of election-caused 'anxiety', then Hawaii, Maine, Nebraska, and Iowa, appeared to be the least 'anxious' states, featuring at the bottom of the list.

Google Trends
The search term 'liquor store near me' hit a record high on 3 November Twitter/@GoogleTrends

The other search phrase that broke the all-time high record was 'fries near me'. However, staying true to the 'spirit' of the most popular search, the other popularly searched terms were 'liquor store open near me right now' and 'wine near me'.

Google Trends
The search term 'fries near me' hit a record high on 3 November Twitter/@GoogleTrends

Setting the Stage for a Legal Face-off

With the counting still underway in several states, it could be a while before what the final numbers are announced. However, according to the latest figures, 264-214, Biden is comfortably ahead of Trump needing only 6 more electoral votes to breach past the magic number of 270 votes. The drama surrounding one of the most intense elections in US history, thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, only seems to be reaching new heights.

Biden vs Trump
Biden vs Trump Wikimedia Commons

After a sudden change in fortunes due to a massive turnaround for Biden, Trump called the mail-in ballots a "Fraud." He has also sought the involvement of the Supreme Court to solve the matter. If the next act in the election drama is set to play out in the court, one can only wonder if the search for 'liquid courage' might peak again shortly.

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