US Election 2020: Proud Boys Members Stabbed in Street Fight Near White House [VIDEO]

The founder of Proud Boys said that his stomach was slashed and they were knifed while trying to help a man

The members of the far-right group Proud Boys and a Donald Trump supporter were stabbed during a fight after watching the US Presidential Election at a bar. The clip posted on social media shows a group of people fighting on a pavement just a few blocks away from the White House. As the fight ended, conservative activist Bevelyn Beatty said, "They stabbed me", as she grabbed her lower back.

Enrique Tarrio, who is the founder of Proud Boys exclaimed that he was slashed in the stomach. Beatty stated that they were knifed by BLM 'kids' but the local BLM chapter mentioned that none of the activists were involved. Police have not publicly confirmed how the incident started. The stabbing took place at around 2.30 am local time on Wednesday.

Tarrio Blames BLM Activists

Proud Boys Members Stabbed
Proud Boys Members Stabbed Twitter Grab/Tara LaRosa

Police in Washington DC stated that the men who got knifed identified themselves as members of the Proud Boys group, as reported by NBC News. The four who got stabbed were taken to the hospital. The police have started a hunt for three suspects, two men and a woman who left the scene.

Tarrio said that his stomach was slashed and mentioned they got knifed while trying to help a man. In the clip, a man can be seen clutching the side of his face with blood on the hands while saying, "I'm bleeding". Tarrio claimed that they were attacked by the BLM supporters.

Security was increased in Washington on Election Day but trouble increased as BLM supporters and Trump supporters clashed outside the White House. Three people even got arrested. The US election is gaining the attention of people around the world as till now it is not clear who is going to win it and go to the White House. A close fight between Trump and Biden is going on in the swing states.

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