US Election 2020: China Will Own USA If Joe Biden Wins, Says President Trump

According to US intelligence, China does not want President Trump to win the election but Russia likes to seem him win.

US Election 2020 is not more than 100 days away and the US Intelligence has now reported that China wants President Donald Trump to get defeated by Joe Biden. Following the reports, President Trump showed his disdain towards China and asserted that China would rule the country if he is not elected for the second term.

As per the assessment, Moscow is also reportedly trying to interfere in the US election 2020 to help President Donald Trump. The report further reveals that due to the China-US trade war, China may want Joe Biden to win the upcoming election.


Why China Doesn't Want a Trump Win

As per the assessment, China does not want President Donald Trump to win the US election 2020. The report suggests that China has been expanding its influence ahead of the November 2020 election that is going to decide who is going to become the next President of the United States of America.

Washington and Beijing are not on good terms ever since President Trump talked referred coronavirus as 'China virus.' "It has harshly criticized the administration's statements and actions on Hong Kong, TikTok, the legal status of the South China Sea and China's efforts to dominate the 5G market. Beijing recognizes that all of these efforts might affect the presidential race," reads the report.

Donald Trump and Putin
US President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin Wikimedia commons

Following the report, President Donald Trump openly stated that if Joe Biden wins the election then China would rule the United States of America.

"China would love for us to have an election where Donald Trump lost to sleepy Joe Biden," President Trump told reporters in New Jersey.

Apart from China, President Trump thinks that even Iran would like to see him lose the forthcoming election of 2020. President Trump added that it was because of him and his administration that countries like North Korea did not wage a war against the United States.

"If and when we win, we will make deals with Iran very quickly. We will make deals with North Korea very quickly. If I did not win the elections in 2016, our country would have been in war with North Korea. We actually have a relation with North Korea," Trump added.

The Russia Factor

The assessment also revealed how Russia might be using different measures to denigrate Joe Biden as it sees as an anti-Russia "establishment."

Moscow has always been very vocal about Joe Biden. Back when he was the Vice President to Barack Obama, Russia publicly criticized Obama's policies on Ukraine and his support for the anti-Putin opposition inside Russia.

The assessment adds that the data presented in the finding is the "most current, accurate, and objective election threat information the IC has to offer in an unclassified setting at this time."

US Election 2020 date is November 3, and the US election poll suggests that Joe Biden may win the election. But President Trump added that the biggest risk the country currently having is mail-in ballots because it is much easier for countries like Iran, North Korea, China and Russia to forge it and alter the results.