US designates 3 Pakistanis as 'terrorist facilitators'

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A security official stands guard while people, fleeing the military offensive against the Pakistani militants in North Waziristan, line up to receive food supply from the Army in Bannu, in Pakistan's Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa province June 22, 2014. Reuters

The US has designated three Pakistanis as key "terrorist facilitators" for providing logistical support, improvised explosive devices and technological assistance to Al Qaeda, Lashkar-e-Taiba and the Taliban, as well as for working closely with Shaykh Aminullah, a well-known backer of the three terror groups.

The US Department of Treasury in a press release on Wednesday named Rahman Zeb Faqir Muhammad, Hizb Ullah Astam Khan and Dilawar Khan Nadir Khan as "Specially Designated Global Terrorists" (SDGTs) as part of the US administration's broader efforts to disrupt terrorist fundraising.

All three were tied to Aminullah, who was put on international terror blacklists in 2009.

According to US officials, Aminullah had turned Ganj madrassa in Peshawar into a training and hiring base for the LeT, Taliban and Al Qaeda.

"All property and interests in property of these persons subject to the US jurisdiction are blocked, and US persons are generally prohibited from engaging in transactions with them," the Treasury Department said.

"We are targeting operatives who have provided logistical support, improvised explosive devices, and other technical assistance to Al Qaeda, LeT, the Taliban and other Afghanistan-based terrorist groups," said Sigal Mandelker, Treasury Under Secretary for Terrorism and Financial Intelligence.

The Department called on the Pakistani government and others in the region "to work with us to deny sanctuary to these dangerous individuals and organizations".

Rahman Zeb, a LeT operative, had been responsible for collecting funds and running a network for the LeT in the Gulf.

In mid-2014, he helped Aminullah travel from Pakistan to the Gulf.

Hizb Ullah served as a financial officer of a Peshawar-based madrasa that was co-founded by Aminullah. He also provided assistance to Aminullah for Gulf travel.

Dilawar Khan Nadir Khan acted as Aminullah's assistant and handled his accommodations in Pakistan. He facilitated funds transfers, including international transactions, on behalf of Aminullah.

(Source: IANS)