US defence analyst urges Trump to take military action against North Korea

In view of further deteriorating relations between North Korea and the United States, US defense analyst Jack Keane has urged US President Donald Trump to take an imminent military action against North Korea, which is adamant to go ahead with more ICBM tests in the future.

While speaking to Fox News, Keane opened up about the vitality of a quick military action to shut down Kim Jong-un's nuclear regime. He also requested the authorities to stop sending military families to South Korea as a war may break out at any moment. It should be noted that the United States has military bases in South Korea, and the country used to send family members of military personnel to Seoul. However, experts believe that this move will be suicidal in times of war, as it may risk their lives, and in times of emergency, evacuation from Seoul will not be an easy deal.

"I strongly believe that if you want to prevent war then make sure you are fully prepared for it. If we are saying we are going to go to war to prevent Kim Jong-un from having a nuclearised ICBM we have to show him some of that capability. We should not just be talking about it. Flying a bomber in for two or three days isn't impressing anybody," Keane told Fox News.

Jack Keane, who is also a former US army general asked Donald Trump to load up his naval and air bases in South Korea as a part of the preparation for a war against the Kim Jong-un regime.

During the talk, Jack Keane also talked about the military tactics, which would be followed when a war against North Korea breaks out. According to Keane, the US should initially take North Korea electronically down by conducting surgical strikes on its information and commander systems.

Even though the US is pressurizing the United Nations to impose more international sanctions on North Korea, Kim Jong-un is unflinchingly following his blind nuclear ambitions, and according to reports, the country is aiming to test another ICBM in the near future.