A US airman has undergone lie detector test to substantiate his claim of witnessing a UFO 37 years ago, and interestingly, he passed the test which indicates the probable existence of aliens and UFOs. The test was conducted by a top UK expert who has previously carried out more than 2000 polygraph tests.

Larry Warren, the 56-year-old airman claimed that he witnessed a bizarre UFO in Rendlesham forest in 1980. According to Warren, the weird incident happened on three consecutive nights. Similiar claims were made by other officers in the US airforce during the same period. However, their claims were little different from the words of Warren.
While Larry claimed to have witnessed small child like alien beings floating underneath a black triangular object, other officers just saw the craft. In a bid to show his words are true, Larry agreed to take a polygraph test and finally passed every question.
Interestingly, Warren's sighting came during the period of Cold War, a time period in which US and USSR were at loggerheads with each other to proclaim their dominance in space.
This is not the first time that UFO sightings got reported during the time of cold war. According to conspiracy theorists, there was an increased number of UFO sightings in US and USSR during that period, while most of them were intentionally covered up by the Governments.