US 9/11 attacks: 11 controversies surrounding the horrific incident

The 9/11 attacks are a subject of many conspiracy theories regarding the method and motive behind the incident, even 16 years after its occurence.

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It's been 16 years since the 9/11 attack has taken place. Several monuments have been built in the memory of the attacks, not to forget the controversial 9/11 bill by Donald Trump. It was a series of coordinated attack by the mastermind Osama Bin Laden. The attacks killed almost 2,997 people and injured 6,000, apart from causing at least $10 billion damage to the country's infrastructure. Controversies cropped up after the attack of 9/11, giving rise to wild theories.

Most of the theorists agree that the buildings were destroyed by bombs, the phone call records were made up or that former President George W Bush secretly conspired in the attack.

Nevertheless, Here are the 11 controversies revolving around the attack.

Traders knew about the attack before it took place.

Right before the attack, traders had got the whiff of it. It is believed that they were tipped off and even shared profits from the attack. They was some fishy business within the stock market and insurance firms. When the Securities and Exchange Commission conducted an investigation, it was revealed that Osama Bin Laden was the main suspect.

Air defense was told to stand down.

Usually, North American Aerospace Defence Command (NORAD) sends aircraft or jets to shoot down the jets or the aircrafts during highjack. But on 9/11, NORAD generals said that they learned in the nick of time to send the jets to the attack place. Skeptics believe that the NORAD defense system was standing down because of their lack of presence.

Not planes but bombs did the work.

The World Trade Center collapsed like the demolition of a building. There were speculations that it collapsed due to the bombs placed at certain locations in the building. Supporting the statement, few witnesses said that they heard the sound of an explosion. Many scientists and architects prove that planes don't have enough fuel heat to bring about a collision.

Scientifically, the Pentagon attack doesn't hold up.

The Pentagon crash is still a puzzle for everyone as theorists say that the impact holes in the Pentagon are much smaller than the commercial American Airplane. Questions were brought up that as to why the planes were not shot down. Also, the planes targeted specific places of the building which were going to be renovated.

Flight 93 was redirected.

One of the fourth hijacked planes, Flight 93, crashed into Shanksville, Penn. It is said that its passengers retaliated and the plane landed on the field. Skeptics believe that the plane landed safely, while a substitute was plotted. Few theorists believe that either the passengers were murdered or relocated to an unknown place.

Hijackers escaped but their passports were found.

The "Loose Change" documentary stated that all the hijackers were alive in other countries as it is rather impossible to have two identical names. They also raised a valid point about the revival of the passports of the hijackers. After the attacks, their passports and identification were found on the spot. Skeptics question how they survived the explosion.

Telephone calls made from plane were leaked.

In-flight calls were frantically made from the hijacked plane. Scientist and skeptics maintain that cell phones cannot receive signal at the altitude in which the plane was flying. Others raised a question on how a son called his mother and revealed first and last name from a hijacked flight.

Apparently, the Jewish community got a sniff about the attack and took a day off on September 11.

Theorist noticed that around 4,000 Jewish employees took a day off that day. Most of them caught the happenings on camera, safe from their houses. Many became suspicious that their religious group was under the radar, prompting them to be extra cautious.

Black boxes found out by the search crew were kept secret.

During the week of the investigation, black boxes that had recorded footage of the cockpit were found in planes. They were the main evidence of the incident. Three out of four black boxes were not in a good condition. Although the search crew shared the tapes with the family members of the victim in 2002, skeptics think that the tapes were kept unreleased to hide the conspiracy.

The Bin Laden tapes were fake.

Many skeptics believe that Bin Laden was targeted because of his shares in the market and George W Bush's personal business venture in the Middle East. Though Osama initially denied the attack, he later on confessed to the crime.

Aluminium planes can't penetrate into the steel structure of World Trade Center.

Commercial airplanes are constructed in a way that they are light. Theorists believe that it 's impossible to damage the twin towers with such light-weight planes. According to them, missiles or bombs were used to blow up the building.

The memories of the 9/11 attack remains fresh in the minds of the people till today. Thoughts and prayers are still sent to the innocent victims of such a heinous activity of terrorism.