Upcoming pop artist Kettie Munore set to be the next big thing

Kettie Munore

Music is a natural form of art because it has no boundaries or limits, music can really be whatever the creator sets it to be. The word music is formally defined as the art of combining vocal and or instrumental sounds together to create musical notes that become sheet music. It is a noun that translates to music in Latin and originated from the Greek word muse. Synonyms include melody, harmony, and song. Music has long been a unique art form for people around the world to create and share their masterpieces with the greater population. Its presence in society has only grown over time. Nowadays, with music streaming platforms and music that can be released by anyone at any time, 60,000 songs are being released each and every day. With that much volume, it's hard to get recognized and few have overcome that obstacle, one including the breakthrough pop artist Kettie Munroe

Singer-Songwriter Kettie Munroe has been making people all over the world fall in love with her unique sound. As a self-proclaimed mutt of the music industry, her songs are a personalized mix of pop, alternative, and r&b. "I've always known that I was meant to entertain people and make music. I've been through a lot in life so I try to put my emotions, experiences, and feelings into my music to help heal myself and others. I think it's important to not only have uplifting songs that help you push through hard times but to also have sad songs so you can allow yourself to feel and process those emotions

Kettie's music can be heard on all platforms including Spotify, Apple Music, and iTunes. Are you as excited as us to hear more from her soon?

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