Upcoming GTA 5 DLC updates: Everything you need to know

GTA community hints at probable DLC releases for GTA Online in the coming weeks.

Upcoming GTA 5 DLC updates: Everything you need to knowYouTube
GTA 5 Online
Upcoming GTA 5 DLC updates: Everything you need to know YouTube
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Renowned YouTuber MrBossFTW sheds some light on a bunch of upcoming DLC updates for GTA Online in his latest gameplay video for GTA 5. The YouTuber has also revealed some brand new information shared by Rockstar in its recent event updates for GTA Online.

The first of the current event updates points to 20 May 5pm ET, wherein the event will feature BOWSKIJ and SUMMIT1G as the popular twitch streamers.

The twitch streamers are expected to participate in a race featuring low-rider custom classic cars while also teasing other custom game modes in GTA Online.

There will be another live-stream event on 27 May at 5pm ET which will showcase Joey Bada$$, Kirk Knight, Nyck Caution, CJ Fly, Aaron Rose and Dessy Hinds as part of the mysterious 'Pro Era' event stream. The game content of this event is still unknown.

It is now widely speculated that the yet unannounced game content for the 27 May event could actually hold the clue for some upcoming DLC updates such as Cunning Stunt update or the Finance and Felony DLC in GTA 5 Online.

Consequently, it is presumed that Rockstar has decidedly chosen to keep a tight lid on the contents of the upcoming DLC updates as some part of it is likely to be teased in one of the forthcoming event weekend live-stream videos in GTA 5.

The YouTuber also throws his weight behind the speculation as the game maker has long been planning a bigger standalone DLC release for GTA 5.

If there is any truth to the rumours, we could be seeing the announcement of a new DLC update for GTA Online on 20 May, ahead of its release on 24 May which is a Tuesday.

Assuming all the pieces of the puzzle fall in place, the 27 May event might actually tease some game content pertaining to the new DLC in GTA Online. Rockstar's recent post on the newswire further hints that the game will soon receive a few DLC updates.

In related news, Rockstar has also announced new shark card bonus for select players in GTA Online through emails wherein eligible candidates can purchase a Megalodon shark card (50%), Whale shark card (35%), Great White shark card (30%) or a bull shark card to avail the benefits of bonus in-game money.

The offer will be applicable to all select GTA Online players who have received this notification on their email between 17 and 22 May. The bonus in-game cash will be credited to your account by 25 May if you have qualified for the offer.

The timing of the shark card bonus offer seems connected in some way with the highly-anticipated Finance and Felony DLC for GTA Online. In the game maker's own words, the DLC is expected to be released in the coming weeks or months.

The last Quality Assurance (QA) beta updates (QA beta 1) for the game was recorded by the server time logs, just a few hours ago. Going by these server logs, it is clear that the game testers are currently checking some new game content for GTA Online to ensure it is free of bugs.

Some of the prevailing GTA community predictions suggest that the Finance and Felony update will be coming around 24 May while new maps for the upcoming Adversary modes are speculated to release in June.

Do let us know what you think about the forthcoming DLC updates for GTA 5 in the comments section below.

This article was first published on May 19, 2016