Upcoming digital entrepreneur Abhay Pandya creative flair makes his dreams turn into reality. Read to know!

Abhay Pandya

We all have had a dream. Haven't we? A dream to be successful and independent where we are not tied by any rules and regulations. Only those who dare to achieve these dreams have a clear vision and a goal to achieve the best among the rest. This story is of one such guy who decided to create a path of his own by leaving a secured career in Mechanical Engineering. Abhay Pandya is the name of a promising talent in the vast sector of digital entrepreneurship. Many might not know, but he is a content creator and the creative mind behind launching several accounts on Instagram that have a fanbase of more than a million.

Understanding the potential of social media and its power, he created content and established different accounts that catered to a particular section of people. Memes, informative and educational content, motivational content, business-related content are some of the topics he thought about. That saw the birth of some of the most successful accounts on Instagram including 'millionaire_lines', 'successcharge', '6amhacks', 'successcode', 'trollscasm', 'istudentsfacts' and 'the.confused.indian'. Besides handling these social media accounts, Abhay curated the content and it has worked brilliantly among the audience.

"It was all started merely as an experiment. Never in my dreams, I thought that these Instagram accounts would become so popular", said Abhay. As of today, these Instagram accounts have a reach of more than a million. It pretty much justifies how talented and creative is Abhay Pandya when it comes to creating content. The talented lad who hails from Bhavnagar, a city in Gujarat always dreamt of working independently, and content creation has given wings to his dreams. Besides content creation, Abhay holds expertise in social media marketing, online advertising and digital marketing.

The digital entrepreneur has scaled many small-scale brands and influencers to a new high. "To boost growth, the first step I believe is to go to its roots. That's what I do before promoting any business or influencer over the digital domain", adds Abhay. Through his excellent content creation skills, Abhay has built a network of more than 15 million on social media and has advertised more than 20 brands over the digital space. Reminiscing the good old days, he shared the life-changing moment that was during the last year of his college. During that time, he observed many of his friends spending time watching memes and other funny content. That's when he started, and in a time of two months, Abhay Pandya built a network of 200K on social media, and the rest is history.