Upcoming Chipit Meme Coin Powered By NFT Technology Proves That The Future Is Now

Chipit Protocol

Crypto maniacs around the world have their eyeballs glued to the upcoming presale of Chipit meme-coin. It is going to be the first ever meme-coin on Ethereum Classic and Binance Smart Chain. But what really makes Chipit Protocol different from others?

Dog-inspired meme-coin Chipit Protocol is an upcoming hyper-deflationary and community-driven memecoin ecosystem that puts together reward distribution and NFT technology in its operations to benefit the owners.

It will transform into a DAO and launch an NFT App called 'Chipagram MVP' by the end of 2022. The pre-sale of the Chipit meme-coin is set to take place in the month of February 2022 along with listings on some of the most popular crypto websites in the world - Coinmarketcap and Coingecko.

The $CHIP community is one of a kind and is rooting for the successful launch of the meme-coin. The founders of the project are set to make history with Chipit to become the first ever meme coin to go live on the Ethereum Classic, an open-source, decentralized, blockchain-based distributed cryptocurrency platform that runs smart contracts.

At first glance, the power of using NFTs, Web3 technology, and giving back to the community by sharing rewards makes Chipit protocol a worthwhile memecoin investment. The founders have also teased plans of an NFT DAO in the pipeline.

The official website of the meme-coin has a countdown timer running to the Chipit Presale and it's just 3 days and 12 hours left for the grand launch of the ETC / BSC token.

So if you are a crypto enthusiast, keep an eye on the Chipit presale that goes live in less than a week! You can know more about the meme-coin on their Website, Twitter, and Coinmarketcap.