Upcoming basketball player David Johnson is the true example of a sportsman

David Johnson

Basketball is a popular sport in the United States especially in the urban area where space is limited and playing fields are limited. It is said that more than 47% of the American populace consider themselves college basketball fans and most of them have grown up playing basketball and representing their school colleges team. According to them, it is the most competitive and entertaining game in the US. Today, no one is unaware of Michael Jordan, the modern Prince of basketball. And at present, David Johnson is the present-day basketball sensation of the US.

David Johnson started playing basketball from a very young age. when he was in class 1, he started to learn about the game which is basketball. He figured out his passion when he was young. It is clear to him that he is made for basketball and this led him to spend his life pursuing his basketball career. He is always trying to be a better version of himself every day in every way possible in his physical skill as well as his mentality and emotions. He never lets obstacles demotivate him, he always tries to find some positivity to let him keep going to achieve his goals.

Johnson scored 21 points in a game against the #3 teams in the nation as a sophomore in college at Mount Mercy University at this time. This is a memorable game for him. Any Kind of achievement is always very meaningful in one's life. When DJ was in high school, he played at James Madison, this is where he broke the school's all-time career points. These achievements helped him to turn his dreams into reality in the process.

According to Johnson a passion for the game and consistency in your work will reach you to your goal. He also says trust the process and try to improve every day until you reach or achieve the desired goal. According to him, practice makes you perfect, keep practicing and nothing is impossible. In his life, he never gave up and learnt from obstacles. Very recently David has declared himself eligible for the 2021 NBA draft. Johnson is thankful to God for putting him into the present position and also grateful to his family, friends, coach and teammates for their endless support and encouragement. It has been his dream to play in the NBA.

David believes in giving back to society and wants to inspire others to go after their dreams in life. He is willing to leave back his legacy behind so that his name can be recalled in golden words. He wishes good for everybody and hopes that his body of work inspires and encourages youngsters to never give up.