Hartsville police arrest two women in kidnapping, shooting case

The suspects also took the victim to his mother's house when they found he had nothing much on him

Hartsville police have arrested two of the three accused in connection with a case of of trying to rob a man, shooting and kidnapping. The two women who were arrested allegedly led the victim to a motel and attacked him for money but finding that there was not enough, they took the man to his house and tried to rob his mother.

According to the police report, the victim was hanging out with Meghan Ashley Robinson, 25, when they went to a motel to get drugs and engage in sexual activity. Kiani Imani Valles and another male accompanied the victim and Robinson to the motel.

Continued to hit the victim

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The suspects at one point told the victim that he was going to be robbed before the man pulled out a pistol and hit him. The victim said he gave $60 and his phone to the accused. The suspects were unhappy with the money and said they were going to rob his mother. The male bound the man with a tape when he tried to escape. He was hit again with the pistol for trying to escape.

After he was bound with the duct tape, the victim was shoved into a car and Valles drove to his house where the victim's mother answered the door. Robinson took the victim to the backdoor of the house in McNair Street. When the mother opened the door, he pushed his way in while shoving Robinson out of the way. Amidst gunshots, the victim shut the door of the house. He then gathered the family and called the police. The police report said that there were seven bullets in the backdoor and a broken window.

Presently, Robinson is posted for $30,000 and is charged with criminal conspiracy, second-degree burglary, two counts of accessory along with kidnapping and third-degree computer crime. Valles faces two counts of criminal conspiracy, two counts of first-degree burglary, armed robbery with a deadly weapon and four counts of accessory. Police are on the look out for a third suspect.

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