Unpretty Rapstar deteriorated Ha Joo Yeon's health, singer suffers tremendous weight loss

Ha Joo Yeon a.k.a Baby J is the former member of South Korean girl band, Jewelry.

Former Jewelry member Ha Joo Yeon faced quite a tough time while filming for music reality show, Unpretty Rapstar. The singer revealed that the shoot and missions were so taxing that her body went through some serious consequences.

In an exclusive interview with Star News, Joo Yeon disclosed that hard training and extreme burden made her weight hit a tremendous downfall. She said: "It was crazy hectic, and my body was exhausted. There was mission after mission...it never ended. It's not even a show where you have to train hard but during the filming, I filmed like I was practically living on set."

She further added: " The other contestants and the writers felt like family. It was scary, too. Because it was a place to properly present my actual self, I felt really apprehensive and burdened. It was so taxing that I went down to 39 kg (86 lbs) from 46 kg (~101 lbs)."

Joo Yeon started her stint with the female rappers variety show in July, however, she got eliminated in the 6th episode. Eight other contestants including Miryo of Brown Eyed Girls, Jeon Soyeon of Produce IOI, and Nada of Wa$$up are still going strong on the show.

Meanwhile, Joo Yeon, who is also known as Baby J, opened about the reason which brought her to the music reality show. She relayed that she had no agency and seeing other Jewelry members doing so well made her feel guilty for herself: "Because I have no agency and even if I were to personally contact them, they wouldn't help me because it's not their business. For this, it would just be me. I'd just have to do it alone."

"I wasn't making money, so I even did part-time work. I even worked at a pizza place and clothing store. Seeing my friends promoting while I was home made me teary. I cried by myself a lot. It seemed to me like I was gradually getting lower, " Jo Yeon added.

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