Unleashing the Power of Community: Inside Limitless's 250,000-Strong Support Network


Limitless, is a trailblazing platform that harnesses the power of its 250,000-strong member community to support and fund disruptive business projects. They continue to innovate with the introduction of Founder's Pack tiers. These exclusive packs offer members unprecedented opportunities to participate in the success of ground-breaking ventures, such as the highly anticipated Blockchain Sports project, which aims to transform the global sports industry, starting with football.

The Founder's Pack tiers are designed to provide members with unique benefits beyond node ownership and brand partner status. Each tier grants access to revenue shares from various sources, including NFT marketplaces, player transfers, sports science and health technology, and gaming platforms. This comprehensive approach ensures that members are not only supporting cutting-edge projects but also have the potential to reap substantial rewards.

The number of packs available varies depending on the tier, with higher-tier packs being more exclusive. This scarcity enhances the value and desirability of the packs, as members have the chance to secure their place in a select group of project supporters.

Higher-tier Founder's Packs offer more significant benefits, such as increased access to revenue shares, additional nodes, and potentially higher daily rewards. This tiered structure incentivizes members to participate in the projects they believe in while providing a clear path for growth.

Perhaps the most exciting aspect of the Founder's Pack tiers is the opportunity for members to participate in the project's success through lifetime royalties. By owning a Founder's Pack, members become an integral part of the project's ecosystem, sharing in its triumphs and reaping the rewards of its long-term success. This unique model fosters a strong sense of community and shared purpose, as members are active participants in the project's journey.

The Blockchain Sports project, which seeks to merge the world of sports with cutting-edge technology, is a prime example of the type of disruptive venture that Limitless supports. As founding members, Limitless participants have the chance to engage deeply with this revolutionary initiative, not only through ownership stakes but also through the potential for royalty earnings.

Limitless's commitment to transparency and fairness, enabled by blockchain technology and smart contracts, ensures that the majority of revenue designated for commissions is distributed among the community. The platform's innovative bonus pool system, which leverages unused commissions ("breakage"), further reinforces this ethos of equitable distribution.

As Limitless continues redefining their industry, the introduction of Founder's Pack tiers represents a significant milestone in the platform's evolution. By offering members unparalleled opportunities to participate in and benefit from ground-breaking projects, Limitless is setting a new standard for community-driven innovation and success.

If you are interested in learning more about Limitless, its offerings, and the exclusive benefits, visit iamlimitless.io.