Unknown phobias that can trap ordinary people to celebrities

Phobia (Representational picture) Pixabay

Phobia, the word itself means fear and there are many people all over the world suffering from various phobias including, fear of snakes, lizards, water, height etc. Usually, a phobic person goes to any extent to avoid the object or the situation.

There are several celebrities, such as the pop queen Rihanna, actor Johnny Depp, football legend David Beckham, singer Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber, who have been suffering from this situation.

But there are few people, who have developed some weird phobias, which may too hard for our conscience to digest and these are:


In Greek, Turo means cheese and Phobos represents fear. Turophobia is a rare phobia characterized by the fear towards cheese. People suffering from this rare phobia often avoid consuming cheese filled food including cheese pizza. Experts said that it is the gooey appearance of cheese which makes a section of people hesitant to have this delicious food.


Many people, from all over the world put their faith in Pope. But there are some, who fear the most admiring religious figure and the condition they suffer is called Papaphobia. Usually, the papaphobia will not create any impacts in the victim's day to day life, but even a minor thought of Pope and a reference of Pope made by others could induce panic among the sufferer. Experts believe that the fear of church is the main reason behind this weird phobia.


Experts believe that Nomophobia is the result of technological advancements like internet and cellphone. A person suffering from Nomophobia would feel intense fear when he is away from his cellphone. These people may even face irrational fear when the battery is running down or in times when there is no internet connection. Several studies have confirmed that Nomophobia will cause elevated heart rate and blood pressure when the victims are away from their favourite gadgets.


Triskaidekaphobia is often characterized by the extreme fear of some people towards numeral '13'. Many people consider number '13' is as an evil digit and they believe that it may bring bad luck and sometimes even death.


People who have phobophobia always thinks about phobia and they think that they might have developed some kind of fear in their mind. It should be also noted that phobophobia is associated with anxiety disorders and if this condition goes out of control, the affected person should consult a doctor as soon as possible.

This article was first published on May 14, 2018