Universal Studios Singapore is all set to make headlines with Halloween Horror Nights 2017

Universal Studios Singapore's newest addition in Halloween Horror Nights is an interactive zombie laser tag which incorporates brainwave technology.

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Universal Studios Singapore is taking their Halloween Hollywood Night attractions to a very gory and contemptuous level with this year's theme revolving around new incarnations of the Seven Deadly sins – Cruelty, Deception, Malice, Manipulation, Narcissism, Perversion and Obsession. It will be showcased from September 29 to October 29, for only 14 nights across five weekends.

Their newest addition which is an interactive zombie laser tag, incorporates brainwave technology creating a unique experience where teams of four will work together to "kill" these live corpses in infested areas with laser tag gear. One out of the four participants will be wearing a headband which senses concentration levels to help unlock clues.

Now in its 7th edition, having 500 actors from 15 countries spread over five haunted houses, two scare zones, two live shows and an all new live-action zombie laser tag experience, Universal Studios Singapore (USS) is ready to up the scare ante for this year's Halloween Horror Nights (HHN). HHN has won Singapore Tourism Board's Best Leisure Event award for three years straight and is still one of its most sought after events.

"This year's theme is among the most disturbing ones, drawing upon seven new incarnations of deadly sins to reflect the zeitgeist of today's society where people are preoccupied with individualism, beauty and power", said Jason Horkin, senior vice president of Attractions at Resorts World Sentosa. The true horror will be waiting at one of the five haunted houses, Death Mall, where Singapore's most evil spirits roam, seeking revenge after the building collapsed of a structural failure.

Halloween Horror Nights
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Another original feature at HHN 2017 is a haunted house which allows guests to take a walk into the minds of depraved forces of evil. Also present is a k-pop themed haunted house with fame-crazed wannabe's who stop at nothing. They give twisted audition pieces with gore, which is a gruesome take on the success of Korean Television.

All new live shows have also been created for this year's edition. In a laboratory, a story of plague doctors is narrated, who used humans as test subjects to find cures during the Black Death, one of the most devastating pandemics in human history. It will feature death defying stunts performed by international experts.