United Kingdom nearing grim milestone of 20,000 Coronavirus hospital deaths

The virus outbreak has created a major stir around the world in recent times claiming the lives of more than 190,000 people globally

The United Kingdom might hit the grim milestone of 20,000 coronavirus or COVID-19 deaths on Saturday, with the addition of the daily count to the the current toll 0f 19,506 people who were tested positive for the deadly virus and died in a hospital.

The death toll due to the novel coronavirus in the European nation in all the hospitals across the United Kingdom spiked on Friday by 684 in the last 24 hours which took the total to 19,506.

Passing the 20,000 mark will be an uncomfortable moment for the government, whose Chief Scientific Adviser Patrick Vallance said on March 17 that keeping the toll under that number would be "a good outcome in terms of where we would hope to get."

Britain has the fifth-highest official Coronavirus death toll

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Britain has the fifth-highest official coronavirus death toll in the world, after the United States, Italy, Spain and France. Scientists have said that the death rate will start to decline quickly only in another couple of weeks. The total number of fatalities is likely to be thousands higher once more comprehensive but lagging figures that include deaths in nursing homes are added. As of April 10, the hospital toll underestimated deaths by around 40 percent.

The UK government, which was slower than European peers to impose a lockdown, has been heavily criticised over limited testing capacity and for failing to deliver enough personal protective equipment to front-line health workers. In the latest setback, a website for essential workers to apply for a coronavirus test was shut down on Friday, just hours after the government announced that a greater range of people would now be eligible for testing.

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