Unexpected Plot Twist OMG! - Marry My Husband Receives Rave Reviews After Episode 15 Telecast

Marry My Husband, the tvN drama based on a webtoon of the same name, has received rave reviews from the viewers after the telecast of episode 15. The chapter took the viewers through a rollercoaster of events and featured an unexpected plot twist. With just a few hours left for the finale, the viewers are waiting to watch the showdown.

Although the followers of this revenge drama were not pleased with the recent plot development, they were surprised to watch the unexpected twist in episode 15. The mini-series focussed on the various challenges faced by the onscreen couple -- Kang Ji Won and Yoo Ji Hyuk -- in the last few weeks. They had to deal with a new enemy recently.

After actress BoA appeared in the K-drama as Ji Hyuk's ex-fiancee Oh Yu Ra, the onscreen couple worked harder to get their happy ending. The viewers were disappointed to see a new antagonist in the story while Park Min Hwan and Jung Soo Min were about to get paid for their evil doings. The mini-series received criticism from the audiences for the unexpected twist.

However, Marry My Husband featured the evil couple -- Min Hwan and Soo Min -- back in action. Instead of working together against Ji Hyuk and Ji Won, the antagonists fought against each other in this chapter. Min Hwan teamed up with Yu Ra and tried to kill his wife. In the meantime, Soo Min fought alone to remove all the hurdles.

Marry My Husband
Marry My Husband poster. Twitter/tvN

The Unexpected Plot Twist

Min Hwan abducted his wife and tried to kill her with the help of Yu Ra to get the insurance money. Soo Min did not give up so easily. They fought and tried to kill each other in the process. Towards the end, Min Hwan died the same way Ji Won passed away in her previous life. Soo Min pushed him, and he got injured badly. It was the cause of his death.

After the telecast of Marry My Husband episode 15, the viewers started flooding online platforms with praises for the production team. Several netizens shared their opinion about the unexpected plot twist. Here are a few of them:

Park Min Young
Actress Park Min Young in tvN drama Marry My Husband. Twitter/tvN

Netizens' Reactions

Ji Won's final fate was transferred to Min Hwan and not Soo Min. This was an UNEXPECTED PLOT TWIST OMG! Anyway, deserved it. Because he was the one who pushed her in the first place.

I welcome this drama plot twist because it was Min Hwan who pushed Ji Won in her first life in the first place.

We were all convinced that Ji Won's fate was going to be transferred to Su Min but who would have thought that it was going to go to Min Hwan? I honestly like the plot twist a lot! The trash of all trash died!

Min Hwan's karma. Ji Won was right, Su Min would fight back whatever he threw at her, and that's why she survived. He took her place and was killed the same way he killed his ex.

I just love how the drama played with the taking over someone's else destiny better than the Webtoon, the idea of someone dying in Ji Won's place and form is better here.