Understanding Superapps: The Role of Communication Features in Gem Space


Superapps are familiar to most users, yet not everyone understands why they're so named. Typically, a superapp is a large application comprising mini-apps or internal sections, serving as an entry point to a space filled with a variety of services. For instance, whether you're looking to buy theater tickets, seek advice from a psychologist or a lawyer, or connect with family, these needs usually require separate services. However, superapps consolidate these functionalities in one place.

The era of having individual apps for each task has passed. Nowadays, applications are becoming larger and multi-functional. Let's explore the capabilities of superapps through the functionalities of Gem Space.

Communication and Calls

Originating from a messaging platform, Gem Space offers a diverse set of communication features. The primary mode of communication in messengers is messaging. Users can engage in individual or group chats, use reactions, send unlimited file sizes without restrictions, and edit messages post-send. A notable feature in Gem Space is the ability to transcribe voice messages with a single button press and, if needed, translate them into various languages, reflecting its international appeal.

Calls and video conferences are among the most sought-after features in Gem Space. The app enables users to make free, unlimited calls to anyone worldwide. A novel advantage of this superapp is the ability to call any user, even those not registered within the app, by sending them an invitation link to join the call.

Similarly, group video conferences, which are often paid and time-limited in other apps, are free in Gem Space. Non-registered users can also join these conferences, with up to 1,000 participants simultaneously.


Communities within the app allow users to connect with others who share specific interests. Within a community, you can host chats and channels, and if needed, add a store tab. For example, if you're developing a language school, you might benefit from channels for educational materials and student announcements, alongside chats for student-teacher and student-student interactions. Additionally, within the Gem ecosystem, you can open your bookstore and link it directly within the community.

The "Hub" in the Superapp

The Hub is one of the latest features added to Gem Space, currently offering free games ideal for passing time, say, in a supermarket queue or waiting for a meeting. The Hub is set to expand with new services in 2024.


Welcome bots assist with navigating the app's core functionalities. A translation bot supports 17 different languages. GemAIBot offers free ChatGPT neural network queries and responses, handling both text and graphic requests. The list of bots is ever-growing and frequently updated, enabling users to create custom greeting cards for holiday celebrations.

Channel Catalog

The built-in channel catalogue aids users in quickly finding content that interests them. Whether your passion lies in reading, soccer, music, or comedic TV shows, you'll find a plethora of relevant channels and blogs. Additionally, the app provides a special article editor for crafting publications and scheduling them for later posting.

News Feed

The smart news feed allows for quick updates across all channels of interest. There's no need to constantly switch or monitor the news flow; a few visits to the feed daily will keep you informed of all pertinent events, saving time for other important tasks.

In 2024, Gem Space will continue to develop and introduce new functionalities. The developer's roadmaps are laid out for several years, promising to surprise users with innovative features. It's recommended to explore the app now, as some functionalities for new users might become paid in the future.