Uncovering How iOB Business Is Disrupting The Digital Agency Space

iOB Business

Digital marketing represents one of the fastest growing sectors across all market segments. As consumers, we are using technology on a daily basis and this has a knock on effect for businesses who are trying to compete for our attention.

There has been a huge shift from traditional mediums such as television and radio to the digital world. This has been amplified in many studies and reports that predict the digital advertising and marketing sector will be worth over $640 Billion dollars by 2027.

Businesses all over the world are trying to secure digital real estate on social media and other online platforms. While most large businesses can formulate and deploy online strategies in-house, small businesses across the globe are seeking help from Digital Agencies who can simplify their digital transformation.

This is where iOB Business comes into the picture.

The brainchild of technology and marketing enthusiasts, Kamran Awan and James Mohamed, Co-Founders of iOB Business, they are on a mission to help local businesses compete online through their partner network of Digital Agencies.

Providing their partners with unique technology platforms that have been created internally with commercial support, iOB Business has been able to help their partners work with all types of businesses to improve their online presence.

What is iOB Business?

iOB Business is based on a franchise model of Digital Agencies, where anyone can set up and scale a successful Digital Agency without technical skills or prior experience. The core focus is on helping individuals assist local businesses in engaging their customers via online web, social, search and other digital touchpoints.

The model has been running successfully worldwide and iOB Business is proud of helping entrepreneurs set up Digital Agencies in multiple locations across the globe with their support structure.

What makes iOB Business unique?

iOB Business is different from other technology franchisors and is disrupting the Digital Agency space for two primary reasons:

1. Their unique technology eco-system
2. A complete launch ready Digital Agency package

The technology eco-system

Digital marketing is a vast subject area and there are lots of opportunities when it comes to helping a business market their products or services online.

The biggest challenge is focusing attention on the areas that will yield the biggest return on investment for a client and optimising the strategy over time.

iOB Business has developed unique technology that helps businesses reduce costs, boost engagement and ultimately increase profit from an enhanced online presence.

The main technology platforms

The technology eco-system has taken over 3 years of development:

1. Social Posting - to help businesses manage their social media accounts.
2. Reputation Management - to boost the clients brand online.
3. Food Ordering - to increase profits and build a customer database.
4. Online Booking - to ensure every business has a full pipeline of customers.

A complete package

iOB Business has a comprehensive training programme that includes everything needed to launch and manage a successful Digital Agency. This consists of live training, twice a month webinars, a substantial library of training videos in the Learn Centre as well as a blueprint for partner success via the 'Partner Accelerator Programme'.

Partners of the network can also utilise the expert Fulfilment Team at iOB Business to complete additional projects for their clients including web development, SEO, blog writing and explainer videos, amongst many others.

All of this is backed up with lifetime support, a launch ready branded website and all the resources needed to secure and service clients through their Digital Office.


The franchise model created by iOB Business is a proven and successful formula for helping partners assist local businesses in improving their online presence.

With Digital Agencies set up and scaled by iOB Business all around the world, the company continues to be the most value driven technology franchise on the market.

If you are interested in getting involved in digital marketing and helping local businesses compete online, head over to https://iob-business.com to find out how you can start your very own Digital Agency.