UN designated terrorist and 'JeM' founder Masood Azhar is missing in Pakistan

  • Masood Azhar along with his family is missing confirms Pakistan to FATF

  • Pakistan said that there are only 16 listed terrorists in the country out of which seven are dead

  • Trump's visit to India makes several believe that there will be talks about the acquisition of the drone tech from Soleimani killing

The UN-designated terrorist Masood Azhar and family is missing in Pakistan. Pakistan informed the Financial Action Task Force(FATF) a terror-financing watchdog that Azhar, the founder of the terror outfit Jaish-e-Mohammad was missing.

According to the United Nations Security Council 1267 Committee, Azhar was listed as a terrorist in May 2019. Pakistan has said that out of the list of terrorists designated by the UN only 16 are there are in the country. They have also claimed that out of the 16, seven are dead. Seven out of the nine have requested an exemption from the UN over financial and travel restrictions.

The FATF is presently chaired by China who is considered to be Pakistan's close ally. They are currently reviewing Pakistan over its capability in reaching the global standards of fulfilling the criteria set to combat terror financing.

A threat just to India?

Masood Azhar, founder of JeM
Masood Azhar, founder of JeM Twitter/ @bilalfqi

Last year an intelligence agency in India found that Masood Azhar was released from the Pakistani prison. A month later in October 2019 during a FATF review, Pakistan claimed that Azhar along with his family is missing. During the meeting, Pakistan was sought after for their response time on the UN listed terrorist and their inaction towards investigation on terror financing in the country.

Following several criticisms over the terrorist activity in the country, Pakistan has taken steps to reach the global standards that were stated by the FATF to not be blacklisted along with Iran and North Korea for financing terrorism.

What has the Army of Mohammad done?

JeM has claimed responsibility for several attacks. Azhar's son Hamad and his brother, Abdul Raoof, were placed under preventive detention. Jaish-e-Mohammad was founded by Masood Azhar after being released from India during 1999. He was one of the three men released in exchange for the crew and passengers that was hijacked and flown to then Taliban ruled Afghanistan.

After being released it is reported that he met with the then Taliban leader Mullah Omar and al-Qaeda head Osama Bin Laden.

The group also operates under the name Afzal Guru Squad, Al-Murabitoon and Tehreek-al-Furqan. They have mainly targeted India during their attacks. They have also attacked Pakistan's military targets as well and posed a threat to Parvez Musharaf's life in 2003. In 2017, India took out Noor Mohammad Tantray the commander of the organization which became a severe blow to them. Several analysts believe that the group enjoys the support from Pakistan's Intelligence Services.

Trump's visit to India

India has been under constant threat of terror attacks from Pakistan. And the threat of terrorism resonated across the globe after 9/11. US President Donald Trump's visit to India can lead to the talks about the drone used to kill Qaseem Soleimani the Iranian General.

According to a top government source who talked to the media from India, the acquisition of such a technology could work as a resource during terrorist attacks. Hafeez Saed of the Lashkar-e-Taiba and Masood Azhar of the JeM have conducted several anti-India attacks. The source believes that India could use the technology to take out its targets.