Um Hyun Kyung says Kim Heechul is a bad kisser

Kim Heechul explained stating that he was very nervous and shy about their kiss.

Kim Heechul
Kim Heechul has addressed snapping incident on his social media. Facebook

Kim Heechul and Um Hyun Kyung recently starred on KBS's Happy Together on March 16 and shared about their kissing experience when they both starred in the popular sitcom, Rainbow Romance. Actress Um Hyun Kyung revealed that Super Junior's Kim Heechul is a bad kisser, and he was absolutely flabberghasted.

Kim Heechul explained stating that he was very nervous and shy about it, as he recently debuted with Super Junior, that is, only a year back. Moreover, as an idol, he was really worried about his image.

He went on to reveal that he kissed Um Hyun Kyung on her chin because he was being so cautious about it but the director was not happy with the take. The, he kissed her on her cupid's bow, but the director was not pleased again, obviously because the kiss didn't look real.

Heechul also revealed what was going on in his mind back then saying: "I looked at Hyun Kyung and then I looked at the director and started thinking, 'Man, do I have to use my tongue in this or what?'"

However, Um Hyun Kyung had a different point of view and stated that Kim Heechul did not really kissed her on the chin and cupid's bow purposely, he was just not a good kisser. She said, "You said you kissed me on the chin and cupid's bow on purpose, but I don't think that's what it was. I think... He didn't do it well."

On hearing this, Kim Heechul couldn't help exclaiming, "You think I'm not a good kisser?!" to which Um Hyun Kyung denied immediately and kept laughing.

Trying to cover it up, she explained that Heechul was probably not very experienced at that time, as she remembers, "He closed his eyes too early before approaching my face. So he couldn't find my lips, and it just looked like he was trying to kiss me by his other senses. At the time, I felt frustrated because we could have done it in one go, but it kept ending in a blooper."

This article was first published on March 19, 2017