The uprising of mosquito-borne diseases resulted into the tech companies coming up with mosquito apps and other popular insect repellents to keep people safe and sound. Consumers have been enticed by the unique technology and beneficial use, but recently, a new research from leading international experts has proved that these apps are not only misleading, but they also come with sinister health effects.

Among several tech companies most popular are Apple and LG in producing such products. LG's "Mosquito Away" claims to use the TV and AC to emit the sonic noises, while Apple uses smartphones to zap the mosquitoes.

Queensland and NSW health authorities currently made statements that these claim that the apps and gadgets make has no credible scientific evidence what so ever. As per NSW Health Pathology lead mosquito researcher Dr. Cameron Webb, these apps are grossly misleading and "unethical". She also said that these kinds of sound emitting devices have long been there even before today's LG or Apple products.

What's more alarming is that according to Dr. Cameron these devices can cause people to get more vulnerable to mosquito related diseases. People who believe that these devices work, they tend to go to areas that are prone to mosquito attacks and use these apps or gadgets. Since they don't work, there are more chances of people getting sick due to mosquito bites.

This research came into light following the international debut of LG Mosquito Away TV in Bangladesh. Dhaka Tribune described that the LG Mosquito Away TV is equipped with an ultrasonic device that uses sound wave technology to repel mosquitoes without emitting harmful radiation.

However, a disclaimer on the LG products says that different mosquito species may not be repelled, and the technology may not be enough to protect consumers from mosquito bites.