Ukrainian Solider on Snake Island Tells Russian Warship 'Go Fu*k Yourself' Minutes Before Getting Killed (Video)

An audio showing a Ukrainian soldier allegedly telling invading Russian troops to "fu*k' themselves has emerged on social media. The audio was recorded minutes before Russians captured the Snake Island, located in the Black Sea near the border with Romania, on Thursday.

Also known as Serpent Island, the Snake Island is located approximately 35 km off Ukraine's Black Sea coast, near the Danube Delta.

Snake Island
Video shows a Ukrainian soldier recording the moment shelling started on Snake Island. Twitter

13 Ukrainian Soldiers Were Guarding the Island

Calling the Ukrainian invasion a 'special military operation', Russian President Vladimir Putin said in a televised address that the decision was made in order to protect people "who have been suffering from abuse and genocide by the Kyiv regime for eight years." He also claimed that Moscow does not plan to occupy Ukrainian territories.

In the audio of the incident, which happened shortly after the war broke out on Thursday morning, a verbal exchange between the Russian troops approaching the island on warship and Ukrainian soldiers stationed, can be heard.

The Daily Mail reported that there were just 13 Ukrainian guards manning the island at the time of the attack. The audio clip is likely to be minutes before their fatal encounter with Russians.

"This is Russian military warship. I suggest you lay down your weapons and surrender to avoid bloodshed and needless casualties. Otherwise, you will be bombed," a troop on the Russian warship instructs the Ukrainian soldiers in audio.

Before replying back, a Ukrainian soldier is heard saying, "This is it. Should I tell him to go f**k himself? Just in case."

He then increases the volume and responds to the invaders, "Russian warship, go f**k yourself." The outlet reported following a water and aerial attack, 13 Ukrainian border guards were killed and the infrastructure destroyed.

Ukraine to Award Martyrs with the Highest Title

TASS, the Russian news agency, reported that the state border guards service of Ukraine confirmed that they have lost control over its Snake Island.

"According to the information that we have, the Snake Island has been seized," the border guards were quoted by the agency. The service said it had lost contact with Ukrainian border guards and servicemen, stationed on the island, the outlet reported further.

Newshub reported that in his address, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky called the soldiers who refused to surrender, a hero.

"On our Snake Island, defending it to the last, all the border guards died heroically. But they did not give in," said Zelensky adding that each of them will posthumously be awarded the title of Hero of Ukraine, the highest title a Ukrainian citizen can receive. "Eternal memory to those who gave their lives for Ukraine," he added.