Ukraine War: Pakistani Student Says India Rescued her From War Zone, While Islamabad 'Did Nothing'

'We are the future of Pakistan, and this is how they treated us in this difficult time,' a Pakistani student, Misha Arshad said.

Amid the evacuation efforts of thousands of students of varying nationalities stranded in Ukraine in the middle of a war, a Pakistani student slammed her country's embassy for 'doing nothing.' Misha Arshad, who recently returned from Ukraine, informed that while the Pakistani embassy did nothing to help her in evacuation, the Indian embassy came to the rescue and helped her to flee the war-ravaged country.

As per Misha, the Indian embassy allowed her to board its bus and reach Ternopil city. She noted that she was the only Pakistani in a bus full of Indian students. A student of the National Aerospace University in Ukraine, Misha expressed disappointment at the treatment of Pakistani students by the country's embassy.

"We are the future of Pakistan, and this is how they treated us in this difficult time," she said. Narrating her ordeal in Ukraine, Misha told Dawn newspaper that when Russia launched a full-fledged attack on Ukraine, the university told the students living in apartments to shift to hostel basements.

Pakistani students evacuated to Poland from Ukraine (Representational Image)
Pakistani students evacuated to Poland from Ukraine (Representational Image) Screen grab - Twitter/@PiotrAzja

The University Shifted the Students to Hostel Basements when the Bombing Started

"I stayed with some 120 students from Nigeria, China, India, and even some local Ukrainians," Misha noted. She managed to flee Kharkiv after living in the basement for a week and managed to board a bus run by the Indian embassy.

Fake News

On the other hand, the Pakistani foreign ministry claimed to have evacuated 1,476 Pakistani nationals from Ukraine. The Pakistani embassy in Lviv even claimed to be helping Indian students evacuate conflict zones.

Misha, however, dismissed the claims made by the Pakistani Foreign Ministry and the embassy, calling it 'fake news.' "The successful evacuation by our government is fake news," she said.

Pakistani and Turkish Students used Indian Flag to Cross Border

Last week, reports emerged that some Pakistani and Turkish stranded students used the Indian flag to cross into the neighboring countries from Ukraine.

According to the University World News, of the total 76,000 international students in Ukraine, around 25 percent were from India, and the rest were from Morocco, Turkmenistan, Nigeria, China, and Pakistan.