Ukraine War: Another Indian Student Shot at, Hospitalized in Kyiv

The unnamed Indian student was admitted to a hospital in Kyiv.

An Indian student sustained injuries after he was shot at in the Ukrainian capital of Kyiv amid the Russian attack. His identity is not clear at the moment. The incident surfaces a few days after another Indian student was killed in Russian shelling in Kyiv.

Minister of State (Mos) for Ministry of Civil Aviation (MoCA), General Vk Singh first revealed the information at Poland's Rzeszow airport while talking to ANI on Thursday. "I received information today that an Indian student coming from Kyiv got shot and was taken back midway. We're trying for maximum evacuation in minimum loss," Singh said.

The unnamed student was admitted to a hospital in Kyiv. "The Indian embassy had earlier cleared on the priority that everyone should leave Kyiv. In the event of war, the gun bullet does not look at anyone's religion and nationality," Singh noted.

Students in Ukraine
Students in Ukraine are fleeing the war-ravaged country and are migrating to the Poland border in large numbers Screen grab - Twitter

Another Indin student was Killed in Russian Shelling Earlier this Week

In another similar incident, an Indian student lost his life in Russian shelling in Ukraine's Kharkiv region on Tuesday. The victim was identified as Naveen Shekharappa Gyanagoudar, 21, who hailed from Karnataka, a state in southwest India with Arabian Sea coastlines. According to reports, the young student had left his home to get food from a supermarket when he got killed in a war-torn city of Kharkiv in Northeast Ukraine.

Russia Offering Buses for Safe Evacuation of Indian Students

Students in Ukraine are fleeing the war-ravaged country and are migrating to the Poland border in large numbers. India's four union ministers are personally overseeing the evacuation process in Ukraine's neighboring countries.

On the other hand, Russian National Defence Control Center head Colonel-General Mikhail Mizintsev noted in a statement that Russia is ready to send 130 buses to evacuate Indian students from battle-torn Kharkiv and Sumy to its Belgorod region.

'Distance yourself from Russia'

Meanwhile, after India's repeated abstentions on resolutions condemning the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the Biden administration has advised India to 'distance itself from Russia.' India is the only major US ally that has refused to publically condemn Moscow, although, Indian PM Narendra Modi has called for a stop to the violence and bloodshed.