As Ukraine Holds Off Against Russian Military, Putin Purges and Penalizes 150 FSB Intelligence Officials

Frustrated over the tough resistance put up by Ukrainian military, Russian president Vladimir Putin has removed 150 officials from FSB security service accusing them of being traitors.

There is chatter on the social media that Putin had anticipated Ukrainian invasion to be a "cakewalk" but his dreams were dashed to dust owing to the leaked battleplans.

A large number of social media followers have stated that this complete mess was a result of Putin's dictatorial policies which had not gone down well with some of his officials, soldiers and even the common people.

Russian President Vladimir Putin
Russian President Vladimir Putin Twitter

It is learnt that the passing of the battleplans to the Western Intelligence agents before the invasion was planned precisely that helped Ukraine to counter the moves of Russian military.

Forced War; Brewing Up Resentment

Soon after Russia attacked Ukraine in February, a faction of soldiers had expressed their resentment stating that they were being forced to wage a war with their own brothers and sisters.

As reported by the Daily Mail Colonel General Sergei Besada, the former head of FSB's foreign intelligence unit, too has been shifted to the high-security Lefortovo prison in Moscow. This 68-year-old FSB chief was under house arrest since March and was being investigated for embezzlement and the leaks of Russia's battleplan.

However, the million-dollar question is whether Putin will succeed in impeding the West's information pipeline.

"Replying to @channelone_rusi don't know who to trust anymore. the purge has started. this is like the ussr. 'Russian spy chief 'thrown in jail' as Vladimir Putin 'turns on security officials", read a tweet.

Replying to @OliverStuenkel a twitter user stated, "Russian spy chief 'thrown in jail' as Vladimir Putin 'turns on security officials. Looks like a full scale Stalinesque purge is happening in real time. No one in trusts anyone, and the stakes are now monumental. #Coupdetat #FSB #KGB #poisoning."

Expressing his opinion, another twitter user wrote, " Putin has reached the point he's absolutely paranoid, as he purges his top intelligence and military officials. I wonder how long it will be before those who're left decide to turn on him."