Ukraine Flight 752 crash video: New CCTV footage from Iran shows chilling final moments of passenger plane

In the final moment post impact, what is likely to be a flaming passenger seat, is seen skidding off the ground

A new chilling video has emerged showing the final moments of the Ukraine plane crash. The video, which was released on Thursday, shows the chilling moment the Ukraine International Airlines Boeing 737-800, crashing after taking-off from Imam Khomeini International Airport in Tehran at 6:12 a.m. on January 8.

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A total of 176 people were killed in the crash that conspiracy theories suggest may have been an accidental shooting down. The first video of the accident involving Ukraine International Flight 752 shows the doomed aircraft in flames even before hitting ground eight minutes after take-off.

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The new video of the Ukraine plane crash was retrieved from a CCTV installed near the area where the aircraft fell. The CCTV footage shows a dark alley that is slowly turning brighter as the doomed Ukraine International Flight 752 approaches the ground and then the entire area turns fiery bright due to the explosion on impact. The flaming debris can be seen flying off while the entire corridor gets filled with objects on fire.

Ukraine plane crash video

In the final moment following the impact, what is likely to be a flaming passenger seat, is seen skidding off the ground. It is likely that the passenger seat has even somebody strapped on it. The gruesome final moments captured the last seconds of the 176 unfortunate passengers of the Ukrainian plane that suspiciously fell-off the ground.

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Aviation experts question glitch theory

Several aviation experts have discounted Iran's claim that the aircraft fell-off sky due to a technical glitch. Ukrainian Airlines flight PS 752 in the most likely scenario may have been shot down by an Iranian agent by mistake.

Ukraine on Friday said that it was looking at several possibilities including a missile strike. In the meantime, it has now emerged that Iran that had earlier refused to hand over the black box (flight recorder) of the Boeing aircraft, on Thursday said that the recorder was damaged in the accident. At present Ukraine is still negotiating with the Iranian regime for permission to visit the crash area with a team of experts for investigating the cause.

This article was first published on January 9, 2020