UK Woman Finds Chicken Head with Beak and Eyes in KFC Hot Wings Box, KFC Reacts

The woman, identified as Gabrielle found a chicken head in her hot wings box and posted about it in a 'Just Eat' review.

A Uk woman was shocked beyond reason to find a chicken head with beak in her takeaway KFC hot wings box. The incident came to light when the woman in question posted about the mishap in 'Just Eat' review. The KFC customer, to her utter bad luck, found an entire chicken head, with eyes and beak inside her hot wings box, partially covered with batter. The woman had ordered the takeaway hot wings box from a KFC outlet in Twickenham, England.

The woman, who was identified as Gabrielle, gave a two-star review of her 'horrible' meal on 'Just Eat' saying that the chicken head in her hot wings box put her off her appetite for the rest of the meal. A Twitter account by the name of 'Takeawaytrauma' posted the ss of the review along with a picture of the chicken head found in the meal box. The picture has since gone viral and has received mixed reactions on the internet.

Chicken head found in KFC meal
Chicken head found in KFC meal Screen grab - Takeawaytrauma

'We were baffled'

KFC UK replied to the review and noted that they were baffled by this photo. 'We got together with Just Eat and investigated," KFC said. They also stressed that they put really strict checks in place with suppliers and partners before the meal is prepared in the restaurants.

"But, it's true that even the best-laid plans can, on rare occasions, go awry," the statement said. KFC further added that they have taken the matter seriously and are putting further measures in place to prevent it from happening again. Lastly, KFC informed that they got in touch with Gabrielle and gave her a free KFC meal. "We've also invited her [Gabrielle] and her family to come down so she can meet our team, see our kitchen processes herself and feel confident next time she ordered from us," the statement concluded.