UK scientists want to fix damage to ecology; Many believe climate change is a hoax

NASA climate change
NASA climate change NASA

University of Cambridge professor David King has proposed to set up a research centre to find out new ways to repair the damage humans have caused to the earth's environment at a time when the Internet is "full of people who don't believe" in it.

The proposal would aim to reverse the harms caused by global warming, including refreezing the world's polar regions and capturing the carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. The objective behind setting up the centre is to resolve the climate change issue.

Prof. David, who was a former chief scientific adviser to the British government, said that humans have no time to tackle climate change. "What we do over the next 10 years will determine the future of humanity for the next 10,000 years," he told BBC. He also mentioned that there is no major centre in the world to focus on such a serious issue.

As per Emily Shuckburgh, a climate scientist at Cambridge University, the mission of the Centre for Climate Repair would be to solve the climate problem. It may be noted that this centre is a part of Cambridge University's Carbon Neutral Futures Initiative, led by Shuckburgh.

As reported, the ideas of research include:

  • Refreezing the poles, to "brighten" the clouds in the Arctic
  • carbon capture and storage (CCS)
  • greening the oceans to remove carbon dioxide from the air

But the proposal faced negative feedback due to the cost to be spent on the research and implementation of these techniques.

Quick facts about the world and climate change

However, to understand the seriousness of this issue, people should know that the UK Parliament declared climate change emergency on May 1 and soon after that the Republic of Ireland announced a climate and biodiversity emergency.

On the other hand, a recent survey, which involved 23 countries, has shown that the US has the highest percentage of climate denies in the rich world, while top two countries on the list, Indonesia and Saudi Arabia had a higher percentage of people questioning man-made climate change.

Earth Observatory of Singapore, which is a national science Research Center of Excellence, posted a video on social media which showed that there are many people on the internet, who don't believe in climate change. In the video featured below, Professor Benjamin Horton reacted to climate change deniers on twitter.